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Do I have to settle my workers’ compensation case?

A Workers’ Compensation Settlement is an agreement between an employer/insurance carrier and an injured worker for a set amount of money, either a lump sum or an annuity, that will cover the injured workers’ lost wages, future earnings, and medical expenses for the rest of his life. A full and final settlement of all rights under your state Act is an option in most jurisdictions. Some states do not allow full and final settlements. Neither party to a claim, the employer (and its insurance company) or the employee, can compel the other to settle a case. It is always voluntary. Settlement should never be taken lightly. When you settle, you agree to relinquish all rights under your state Workers’ Compensation Act for a sum of money either in a single payment or in a structured settlement where you receive periodic payments. Settling is a serious step. If contemplating settlement, you should seek the advice and guidance of someone who has expertise settling cases. Learn more about the settlement resources available to you here.

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