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What is Amethyst?

Amethyst is Ametros' self-administration service. With Amethyst, the individual does not pre-fund an account that we manage. Instead, they keep the funds that they wish to spend on medical items in their own bank account. They provide Amethyst with the debit card they would like to store on file to pay for medical purchases. With Amethyst, we provide the individual with access to group discounts to potentially save money on their medical treatments, while helping to compile any necessary reporting. This differs from our professional administration service, CareGuard, where we act as a custodian, because with Amethyst the funds remain in the individual's own bank account.

Do I sign up online to receive a membership card?

Yes. The online Amethyst registration needs to be completed in order to receive a card. You will need to provide your email as a username and link your debit card for your medical funds to set up your account. There is a phone sign up process as well. Just give us a call.

I don’t have an email. Can I still sign up?

Yes, call one of our Care Advocates and they will walk you through setup on the phone. We suggest you get an email address for the best use of Amethyst so that you can access your account and view all your activity online.

How do I use my Amethyst card at the pharmacy?

The Amethyst card works like a traditional insurance card. When you go to the doctor or pharmacy, simply present your Amethyst card and advise your pharmacist that the card is to be used as if it is your primary insurance. The successful transaction will be deducted from the debit card that is linked to the Amethyst card. You will have NO copays at the counter. If you have a question about the cost of an item, feel free to call our Care Advocates team.

How do I change my password?

In the “My Profile Page” located at the upper right-hand corner of the home page after you sign into your Amethyst member portal, you will notice a purple button that says “Change Password” Click that and follow the instructions. If you do not know your password, return to the login page. There will be a link that reads “Forgot Password.” Click this link and enter your email associated with the account. You should receive an email from noreply@amethystcard.com with a link to change your password. You will need your member number to verify your identity before changing your password. Please call 877.275.7415 with any additional issues or concerns.

What if my doctor says they don’t know who Amethyst or Ametros is?

If your doctor has any questions regarding who we are, please have them give us a call at 877-275-7415. Our telephone number is also on the back of the membership card. We can explain to them who we are and assure them that we are working on your behalf. You can avoid this by giving us a call prior to your doctor visit to allow us a chance to reach out to your provider ahead of time to notify them that you will be coming in with your Amethyst card.

Can I apply my discounts towards another insurance’s deductible? Or use it with my FSA/HSA?

At this time, you cannot automatically use your Amethyst card in conjunction with another insurance benefit. We can save you money on the cash price of the medication or service, however it will not count toward your deductible or FSA. To apply an expense toward your deductible or FSA/HSA account, you will need to submit the receipt for the purchase to your health plan.

What can I do if I’m not receiving text notifications regarding my transactions?

First and foremost, take a look at the “My Profile Page” located at the upper right-hand corner of the home page after you sign in. Make sure you have the correct phone number with us and the “Receive Text Notifications” box is checked. If your number is correct and you have checked the appropriate box, but you are still not receiving text messages, please call 877.275.7415

How do I opt out of text messages? And, if I do, how do I get notices regarding my account?

There are a couple of ways to opt out of text messaging. If you decide to opt out of text notifications, we will continue to send you notifications regarding important account and transaction status changes to your email inbox. There are two ways to stop text messages: 1. Reply to one of our text notifications with the word “STOP” 2. On your “My Profile Page” located at the upper right-hand corner of the home page after you sign in, uncheck the box next to “Receive Text Notifications”

How do I cancel my membership?

Here at Ametros, we pride ourselves in keeping our members happy. Before you cancel we would love to speak with you and find out what we can do differently to keep you. However, if you still want to cancel your membership, simply go to the “My Profile Page” located at the upper right-hand corner of the home page after you sign in. There will be a red button on the right that says, “Cancel my Account.”

What is temporary authorization?

For security reasons, we may check to see if your payment method is valid. As an Amethyst member when you attempt to fill a prescription at your pharmacy, you may see a pending transaction on your payment method. This is not a charge, but a temporary authorization Ametros utilizes to verify your payment method. The authorization will be released when you leave the pharmacy with your prescriptions and Ametros successfully charges your account. If you do not pick up the prescriptions from the pharmacy, the authorization will expire after 48 hours. However, it may take 3-5 business days for your bank or credit card statement to reflect this.

I was charged but did not leave the pharmacy with my prescriptions. What is this extra charge?

This is an authorization, not a charge. Like many companies, Ametros uses temporary authorizations to confirm your payment method. The authorization may appear as “pending” on your bank or credit card statement. The authorization will never process and will expire. It may take your bank account or credit card a few business days to reflect this.

If you would like to confirm a specific transaction is an authorization, please contact your card issuer or bank directly.

When is an authorization released?

An authorization is released by Ametros if we are notified you did not pick up your prescriptions from the pharmacy, or when we have successfully charged for your prescriptions. If you see a pending amount, your card issuer will remove it typically within 3-5 business days, and you will not be charged.

How do I see my transactions?

Use the Amethyst member portal to see a complete history of your transactions. Please note only finalized charges will appear in your account history.

The Amethyst member portal will not display a history of your authorizations. Open authorizations may appear as ‘pending’ on your bank or credit card statement.  

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