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Reimagining Marketing Methods

The Transitions Webinar series continues to discuss preparing for future generations in our industry – this time, with a focus on Marketing methods.

As younger generations continue to enter the insurance and workers’ compensation workforce, we must start to adapt our Marketing strategy and technologies to meet consumers where they are. Mainly, on the internet.

Not only will the people we serve, our injured workers, be Millennials and Gen Z, our future industry decision-makers will soon be as well. It’s important that we take the necessary steps now to tailor our Marketing strategies to new target audiences and consumer habits. Hear from our expert panel on how they have altered their tactics to prepare for marketing to new generations. During this webinar, you can expect to learn how to:

  • Adapt your Marketing strategy for Millennials and Gen Z
  • Embrace new Marketing technologies
  • Manage your brand (both business and personal) in a digital environment
  • Melissa Wright
    Melissa Coleman
    Senior Director of Marketing, Ametros
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Past Webinar Recordings

MSA Self Administration: 5 Critical Things to Know About Managing Your Future Medical Funds

This webinar & video resource is recommended for: 

  • Industry professionals who want to better educate individuals on the importance of properly managing their future MSA funds after settlement
  • Individuals considering self-administration or have questions about managing their MSA after settlement 

Learning Objectives

  • Answers to questions about MSAs including what they are, why they are important, and how they can be managed after settlement
  • CMS compliance requirements injured individuals must follow if they have an MSA and how to complete annual MSA attestation with real-life examples
  • Important documents injured individuals should understand prior to settling
  • Tools and support resources to help injured individuals manage their MSA funds after settlement
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Achieving Wellness After a Settlement

  • What factors affect the wellness of injured workers before and after settlement?
  • What is trending with Workers’ Compensation medical practitioners?
  • What does “evidence-based medicine” mean and how does it work in practicality?
  • What is on the horizon for the Occupational Medicine community?
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Reimagining Management Style

  • Strategies to recruit, retain and develop talent at your company
  • How to be an adaptive and responsive leader
  • A plan for implementing new leadership styles in your organization
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Resolving Future Medicals under Medicare Secondary Payer

  • Background on Medicare Secondary Payer including an overview on compliance obligations to Medicare
  • An overview of Medicare Set Asides (MSAs) including MSA allocation types, CMS methodology, and the importance of protecting Medicare’s interest
  • An overview of Liability Medicare Set Asides (LMSAs) and a current update on the pending proposed rule
  • An overview of professional administration
  • How to leverage professional administration as a settlement solution
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When is a 2nd Opinion Appropriate?

  • The purpose of BICMD and Ametros’ partnership
  • The future care path of the injured worker
  • Services that can be offered virtually after settlement
  • Why it is important to have a second opinion on care after settlement, including Medical Improvement (MMI) and Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)
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What Law Professors are Thinking about COVID-19 & Other Relevant Workers’ Compensation Topics

  • Efforts states have taken to adjust workers compensation to the COVID-19 pandemic including legislative, regulatory, and executive actions introducing compensability presumptions into the law
  • What is a presumption, how do they work, and why should they apply to certain categories of workers and not others?
  • Should there be a more comprehensive national disability option addressing incapacity caused by a virus?
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A Conversation with Parashar B. Patel of the Patel Memo

  • Who is Parashar Patel?
  • The importance of the Patel memo and its impact on Medicare Secondary Payer
  • History of MSAs leading up to the “Patel Memo”
  • Parashar Patel’s thoughts on the evolution of Medicare Set Asides
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CMS Amended Its Guidelines To Address The Opioid Crisis; A Conversation on Why Administration Is Recommended

  • Unique therapeutic perspective of injured workers who settle
  • Utilization metrics
  • Safety measures professional management provides
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The Future of Claims: Thoughts from Administrative Law Judges on the Impact of COVID-19 in Workers’ Compensation

  • LuAnn Haley, an Arizona ALJ and Board Member of The National Association of Workers’ Compensation Judiciary
  • Douglas Gott, Kentucky’s Chief WC ALJ
  • Joseph DeRita, ALJ and Director of Workers’ Compensation Adjudication in Pennsylvania
  • COVID-19’s impact on claim processing
  • How state systems are adapting
  • The pandemic’s impact on settling cases
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The Coronavirus Pandemic in Workers Compensation: What are the Medical Providers Thinking?

  • What should an employer’s concern be for his employees’ health and safety based on what we know about this virus?
  • How does an employer maintain a healthy work environment and support healthy business operations? – What is the psychiatric community thinking about this pandemic?
  • Could a claim be filed for an emotional injury where there is no physical harm caused by the exposure, only the harm associated with the fear of potential life-threatening harm?
  • What is the Occupational Medicine community thinking about these claims?
  • How is the medical community adjusting to this no-contact environment we now all share? Is telemedicine the answer and is it our future?
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Medicare Secondary Payer & Professional Administration Update

  • Medicare Set Asides (MSAs)
  • Conditional Payments
  • Section 111 Reporting
  • Professional Administration
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How Have State Workers’ Compensation Systems Adapted to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

  • Did any of the fifty-three workers’ compensation systems plan for a cataclysmic event like the Coronavirus?
  • What system was the first to implement changes to adapt to the pandemic reality?
  • What jurisdiction has adopted the most comprehensive catastrophic plan?
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How Humana Enforces the MSP Statute After Settlement

  • Common FAQs regarding Humana coverage, denials, and subrogation
  • Brian’s background and how his role impacts decision made at Humana
  • How Humana determines when to issue subrogation letters for services post-settlement
  • How Humana enforces MSP Statute​​​​​​​
  • How Humana collects the data they need and what specific data is obtained from CMS & other sources​​​​​​​
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