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The Reality of Medicare Denials – Avoid Unanticipated Medicare Liability After a Settlement

  • The volume and frequency of Medicare denials over the past few years
  • The correlation between WCMSAs and the Medicare Part B Program denials
  • The broad implications Medicare denials have for the individual and all constituents in the claims settlement process
  • Best practices to ensure individuals are being compliant with CMS’ requirements
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Reimagining Marketing Methods

  • Adapt your Marketing strategy for Millennials and Gen Z
  • Embrace new Marketing technologies
  • Manage your brand (both business and personal) in a digital environment
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MSA Self Administration: 5 Critical Things to Know About Managing Your Future Medical Funds

This webinar & video resource is recommended for: 

  • Industry professionals who want to better educate individuals on the importance of properly managing their future MSA funds after settlement
  • Individuals considering self-administration or have questions about managing their MSA after settlement 

Learning Objectives

  • Answers to questions about MSAs including what they are, why they are important, and how they can be managed after settlement
  • CMS compliance requirements injured individuals must follow if they have an MSA and how to complete annual MSA attestation with real-life examples
  • Important documents injured individuals should understand prior to settling
  • Tools and support resources to help injured individuals manage their MSA funds after settlement
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Achieving Wellness After a Settlement

  • What factors affect the wellness of injured workers before and after settlement?
  • What is trending with Workers’ Compensation medical practitioners?
  • What does “evidence-based medicine” mean and how does it work in practicality?
  • What is on the horizon for the Occupational Medicine community?
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Reimagining Management Style

  • Strategies to recruit, retain and develop talent at your company
  • How to be an adaptive and responsive leader
  • A plan for implementing new leadership styles in your organization
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When is a 2nd Opinion Appropriate?

  • The purpose of BICMD and Ametros’ partnership
  • The future care path of the injured worker
  • Services that can be offered virtually after settlement
  • Why it is important to have a second opinion on care after settlement, including Medical Improvement (MMI) and Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)
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What Law Professors are Thinking about COVID-19 & Other Relevant Workers’ Compensation Topics

  • Efforts states have taken to adjust workers compensation to the COVID-19 pandemic including legislative, regulatory, and executive actions introducing compensability presumptions into the law
  • What is a presumption, how do they work, and why should they apply to certain categories of workers and not others?
  • Should there be a more comprehensive national disability option addressing incapacity caused by a virus?
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A Conversation with Parashar B. Patel of the Patel Memo

  • Who is Parashar Patel?
  • The importance of the Patel memo and its impact on Medicare Secondary Payer
  • History of MSAs leading up to the “Patel Memo”
  • Parashar Patel’s thoughts on the evolution of Medicare Set Asides
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CMS Amended Its Guidelines To Address The Opioid Crisis; A Conversation on Why Administration Is Recommended

  • Unique therapeutic perspective of injured workers who settle
  • Utilization metrics
  • Safety measures professional management provides
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The Future of Claims: Thoughts from Administrative Law Judges on the Impact of COVID-19 in Workers’ Compensation

  • LuAnn Haley, an Arizona ALJ and Board Member of The National Association of Workers’ Compensation Judiciary
  • Douglas Gott, Kentucky’s Chief WC ALJ
  • Joseph DeRita, ALJ and Director of Workers’ Compensation Adjudication in Pennsylvania
  • COVID-19’s impact on claim processing
  • How state systems are adapting
  • The pandemic’s impact on settling cases
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The Coronavirus Pandemic in Workers Compensation: What are the Medical Providers Thinking?

  • What should an employer’s concern be for his employees’ health and safety based on what we know about this virus?
  • How does an employer maintain a healthy work environment and support healthy business operations? – What is the psychiatric community thinking about this pandemic?
  • Could a claim be filed for an emotional injury where there is no physical harm caused by the exposure, only the harm associated with the fear of potential life-threatening harm?
  • What is the Occupational Medicine community thinking about these claims?
  • How is the medical community adjusting to this no-contact environment we now all share? Is telemedicine the answer and is it our future?
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Medicare Secondary Payer & Professional Administration Update

  • Medicare Set Asides (MSAs)
  • Conditional Payments
  • Section 111 Reporting
  • Professional Administration
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How Have State Workers’ Compensation Systems Adapted to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

  • Did any of the fifty-three workers’ compensation systems plan for a cataclysmic event like the Coronavirus?
  • What system was the first to implement changes to adapt to the pandemic reality?
  • What jurisdiction has adopted the most comprehensive catastrophic plan?
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How Humana Enforces the MSP Statute After Settlement

  • Common FAQs regarding Humana coverage, denials, and subrogation
  • Brian’s background and how his role impacts decision made at Humana
  • How Humana determines when to issue subrogation letters for services post-settlement
  • How Humana enforces MSP Statute​​​​​​​
  • How Humana collects the data they need and what specific data is obtained from CMS & other sources​​​​​​​
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