Ametros and Trusts

Ametros works with your trust by providing medical discounts and reporting tools

With Ametros' CareGuard for Trusts, trustees will be able to:

Get discounts on prescriptions, provider visits, therapies, facility care, home health, attendant care, and more
Access claim adjudication for all appropriate medical expenses
Regain independence with increased control over your medical expenses
Access on-demand reporting and auditability
Eliminate the administrative hassle of reviewing medical bills and submitting payments
Streamline process for tracking related medical expenses
Offer compliance and reporting to Medicare when applicable
Ensure timely bill review and payment for all medical bills

Ametros can work with any type of trust with medical expenses, including:

  • Special Needs Trusts
  • Settlement Protection Trusts
  • Settlement Management Trusts
  • Trigger Trusts
  • Minors Trusts

  • Interested in how Ametros can work with different types of trusts? Contact us now!

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Getting Started with CareGuard

Ametros coordinates CareGuard for Trusts services directly with the trustee on your behalf.

You will receive a CareGuard card in the mail which can be used at your doctor or pharmacy.

Getting Started with CareGuard

Visiting the Doctor or Pharmacy

We coordinate with your care team to ensure your care is handled appropriately and that all bills are sent directly to Ametros.

Visiting the Doctor or Pharmacy

Using Your CareGuard Card

Using your CareGuard card is easy. Simply present your card at the doctor’s office or pharmacy and we will handle the rest. No copays, no uncertainties, no hassle.

Using Your CareGuard Card

Reviewing Your Account and Savings

Sign in to our secure online portal to view statements, monitor your balance, and see how much money you are saving!

Reviewing Your Account and Savings

Frequently Asked Questions

About Ametros and Trusts