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Simplify Your Healthcare and Save on Treatments

The Amethyst Healthcard maximizes your medical funds by facilitating discounts for your care and it pays your bills on your behalf from the debit card you store on file. You'll never touch a medical bill, and yet always remain in complete control of your medical funds. The Amethyst Healthcard secures discounted pricing on pharmaceuticals, medical equipment purchases, doctor and hospital bills, saving an estimated 21% on the projected pricing of your settlement.* And, with Amethyst you never have to pre-fund an account; instead, you can pay as you go!

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Save on Your Healthcare

Watch Your Funds Grow

Through Ametros' discount networks, you may potentially save an estimated 21% savings on the projected pricing of your settlement, including durable medical equipment, medical treatment, and prescriptions*


Never Touch a Bill

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Amethyst applies charges to your debit card on file, facilitating all care-related payments. You'll never have to touch a medical bill, just show your Amethyst card at your doctor's office or pharmacy.


MSA Reporting Tools


If you have a Medicare Set Aside, Amethyst helps you compile your reporting to the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).


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How Amethyst Works

With Amethyst you have the ability to store the debit card you would like to use for medical purchases in our system. Amethyst is designed to secure you group purchasing discounts on your healthcare bills while allowing you to never have to pre-fund an account. When a bill is received, we verify it, reduce it and then debit the card you have on file. We ensure a seamless process for both the member and provider.

State of the Art Technology

Amethyst's online portal offers:

  • A seamless user experience while minimizing the administrative hassle of managing medical funds
  • Instant reporting on expenses including interactive charts to see medical usage trends, balance by month and claims processed over time
  • 24/7 support with instant messages
  • Technology to aid in compiling reporting to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS)
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Complete Control of Funds

Settle well, with peace of mind knowing you are still in full control of your medical funds, while having the expertise and experience of Ametros at your disposal to assist with anything you may encounter during your road to recovery.

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Never Touch a Bill

Behind the scenes, we receive all of your medical bills and review them to ensure they are accurate and to apply our network discounts. Amethyst has established multiple partnerships with national networks of physicians, pharmacies, and durable medical equipment providers. If you have a Medicare Set Aside, Amethyst helps you compile required compliance reporting to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS).

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*Disclaimer: Any potential discounts or savings for medical treatment, including but not limited to, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment and/or healthcare items and services, are not guaranteed. Ametros has made no warranties, promises, representations or guarantees whatsoever about potential cost savings or the level of potential discounts obtained on any item, service or prescription payment. There are no assurances that prior successes or past results as to cost savings will be applicable to a Member on any of Ametros’ platforms. For additional information, please see our Terms & Conditions Page.

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