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Professional Administration with CareGuard

Ametros will help injured workers throughout the settlement process by educating them about the benefits of professionally administering their Medicare Set Aside (MSA). Additionally, once on the CareGuard platform, members will have access to the benefits of CareGuard including:

Discounts & Savings

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28% savings on the projected pricing of their settlement, including durable medical equipment, medical treatment, and prescriptions

View & Track Expenses

Track Your Funds

State-of-the-art fully secure portal where members can review the status and the total savings of their CareGuard MSA Account

Automated Reporting

How it Works

Compliance with your Medicare Set Aside reporting. CareGuard automatically sends all required documents to CMS on your behalf

Freedom to Treat Your Way


See the doctors you'd like. Freedom from utilization review. Never touch a bill again. All of this on CareGuard's platform!

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How Professional Administration Helps You


Professional Administration is a third party service that oversees and manages an injured individual's future medical funds after settlement.

The injured party receives a healthcare card that accesses a network of discounts on prescriptions and healthcare treatment, and will never have to touch a bill.

A professional administrator handles all of the medical concerns regarding pharmacies and doctors, automatically files all reporting for MSA accounts to CMS, and allows the injured party to treat freely.

Thinking About Self-Administering? What You Need to Know:

If you have a Medicare set aside, you carry certain obligations to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services:

1. Funds should be deposited in a separate interest-bearing account

2. All treatments and prescriptions must be verified that they are related to the injury and covered by Medicare

3. Track all expenses, treatments, dates of service and related ICD9/10 codes annually; Reporting must be sent to the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services

4. Pay bills according to the specific state workers’ compensation fee schedule or “usual and customary” pricing

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