Welcome to CareGuard Video Video & Transcript

Accidents happen but reaching a settlement and dealing with your healthcare expenses doesn’t have to be a pain. Settling your insurance claim comes with a number of responsibilities. There are several regulations, complexities, and risks that have to be dealt with. That’s where CareGuard comes in. We help make the process simple. Taking care of your future medical needs and taking the burden off your shoulders. At CareGuard we remove the frustration of dealing with insurance companies and make everything easy. We take of all the hassles that come along with your settlement – while managing your settlement fund to make your money grow and last. And giving you more health coverage while earning you discounts on your expenses.

Getting started is easy. CareGuard provides you with your unique member card which is linked to your settlement fund. By simply presenting your CareGuard member card, you will receive coverage with copayments for doctor visits, hospital visits, prescription medicines, and durable medical equipment. All bills are sent directly to CareGuard, where after applying our member discounts, we take care of all payments. Applying our discounts provides more savings for you. You can track all this and more through CareGuard’s easy to use member portal and mobile site. By going www.careguard.com you will be able to enter your credentials and log in. From here you will be able to track your settlement account balance, medical bills, and more.

If you have a Medicare Set Aside account, Medicare requires reports to track your account. CareGuard will automatically send these in, giving you one less thing to worry about. Also, if you are on the go CareGuard’s portal is conveniently optimized to use on mobile.

If at any point you have any doubts you can call or chat with our friendly 24/7 support team who is always there to help answer any questions. So, you can now sit back and relax knowing that CareGuard is working for you.

Already a member? Log in here are start taking advantage of all that CareGuard has to offer. If you are not, and looking to get started you can click here and enroll today.