Banking Services Built for Your Settlement

With Ametros Banking, powered by LendingClub, you now have a free and secure way to deposit your settlement funds, including your indemnity payments. Enroll in an interest-bearing checking or savings account, gain access to online and mobile banking, and access support resources for your settlement.

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Activate Your Account Within Minutes

Your account can typically be established within minutes of completing an application. Your card arrives 5-7 business days after you sign up, and can be loaded with your funds upon settling your case.

With Ametros Banking You Get:

Secure Settlements

With Ametros Banking, funds are transferred through secure ACH payments, meaning faster settlements, and no lost or late checks.

Settlement Advisors

Leverage our experts who have experience in helping thousands of individuals with their settlement funds. Ametros has settlement advisors to help with both medical and financial questions that may arise during the settlement process or even after a case is settled.

Online & Mobile Banking

You’ll get access to a fully modern, digital checking and savings solution – including mobile application.

No ATM Fees

An Ametros Banking account is FREE to set up, and there are no maintenance, set-up or ATM fees. We’ll even reimburse ATM fees other banks may charge.

FDIC Insurance

Deposits are FDIC-insured up to the highest possible amount allowed – $250,000.

Personal Finance Tools

With Ametros banking, you'll have access to personal financial management tools, including the ability to build a budget and analyze spending trends.

Mobile Banking

Bank anytime, anywhere with the LendingClub Mobile app.
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