Avoid Medicare Set-Aside Mistakes with CareGuard Video & Transcript

Settling your injury claim with the insurance company or your employer can be a big relief, but it can also come with its own set of challenges and stress. You often get a sum of money to cover your ongoing medical care, but with little to no guidance on what to do with it.

If you have a Medicare Set-Aside account, the government requires you send in yearly reports on how you've been using that money. If you don't do this properly you're risking your future Medicare benefits.

That's why we invented CareGuard here at Ametros. Our goal is to help make healthcare easier after a settlement for those who've had an injury. We set up a bank account for your settlement funds, pay for your injury treatments, and in the case of these Medicare Set-Aside accounts, we ensure that all the activity abides by government policy to protect your Medicare benefits. Whenever you pick up that prescription, buy medical equipment, or visit your doctor for your injury, Ametros is here by your side.

Your medical expenses are automatically recorded in an online portal and Ametros submits those reports to the federal government on your behalf. You don't have to worry about keeping up with receipts or tracking all of this on your own. And with our member discounts we can often help your funds last even longer. We are experts in helping you navigate your medical needs after a settlement.