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Extend Your Client's Medicare Compliance Solutions to Post-Settlement

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Ametros works with MSA providers by offering creative solutions to help with the settlement of medical claims. Our comprehensive tools, CareGuard and Amethyst can help your clients address the injured party's concerns about managing their healthcare needs after settlement.

Medicare "highly recommends" the use of professional administration in its WCMSA reference guide. Partner with Ametros to help your clients protect themselves through settlement and beyond.

Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions

Ametros offers two unique services: Our professional administration service will take care of your client throughout each step in the settlement process, and our self-administration tool will give them the necessary tools to do it all themselves.

Your Questions Answered

Our Team Is Here For You

Our dedicated team is available by phone, email, and online chat to help your client understand the potential savings and projected medical costs listed in the MSA when on our platform.

Build Relationships

Care for Our Members

With Ametros on your side, we'll guide you through the steps in being an advocate and building a stronger partnership with existing clients.

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Sign up for a free consultation and our Settlement Advisors will reach out to help you discover ways to maximize your settlement.

Our Plans

CareGuard card

CareGuard is Ametros' full-service solution to help you maximize and protect your settlement funds. CareGuard can save you 63% on provider visits and 28% on other treatments, and you'll never touch a bill again. CareGuard provides full professional administration for those with an MSA.

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Amethyst card

Amethyst is Ametros' self-service solution to provide you with resources and support to help you keep track of your medical expenses while still accessing savings on treatments and prescriptions.

Learn more about Amethyst!
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