February 28, 2020 • Education

How Does Medicare Set Aside Administration Work?

man holding medicare bill

Professional administration is set up to help an injured person manage their future medical care after a personal injury settlement. Our new educational video, ‘How Does Medicare Set Aside (MSA) Administration Work?’ discusses how professional administration works to help injured individuals manage their care, makes their medical funds last as long as possible, and fulfills their reporting responsibilities to Medicare.

Watch the video to understand how professional administration works and why The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) highly recommends an administrator to help settlement recipients manage their future medical funds.

This video is a great resource for injured individuals who may not fully understand the benefits of administration, or how involving an administrator could protect their future medical funds.

The video includes:

  • How professional administration helps injured individuals manage and simplify their care after closing their open medical claim
  • How administration helps injured individuals fulfill their reporting responsibilities to Medicare when there’s an MSA involved, keeping their benefits protected
  • Why CMS highly recommends settlement recipients consider the use of a Professional Administrator for their funds
  • How professional administration works with structured settlements




Questions about managing a Medicare Set Aside?

Learn the Top 10 MSA Mistakes and how professional administration can help you avoid them in our comprehensive guide.

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