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How can Ametros help?

Ametros’ service, CareGuard, helps individuals manage and make the most of their settlement funds. CareGuard is a full professional administration service, where we take care of everything for the injured party. The MSA funds are placed in an interest-bearing account under the injured party’s name, and we act as the custodian of the account.

The injured party receives a CareGuard card that works like a traditional insurance card, and by showing it at doctors or pharmacies, it enables the injured party to receive discounts through our group purchasing discounts where possible, and all the bills will be sent to us. We pay all the bills on behalf of the injured party and ensure compliance with Medicare by completing all required reporting.

With CareGuard, the injured party can treat with any doctor or pharmacy that they would like to without undergoing any utilization review. In addition, CareGuard has a team of Care Advocates that provide the injured parties with support to help coordinate their care.

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