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Trust Accounts

I have been told I may need a Special Needs Trust. What is that?

A Special Needs Trust is used to assist disabled individuals with receiving goods and services with their settlement funds, while also protecting their needs based benefits, such as Medicaid and SSI. Contact us today if you have additional questions on why you may need a Special Needs Trust.

What types of trusts does Ametros work with to administer future medical funds?

Ametros regularly works with trustees across the country to administer future medical funds held within any trust account. If there are any funds needed to pay for prescriptions, doctor visits, durable medical equipment, or any other medical expense; contact Ametros to determine which product fits your case best.

I am disabled and have a workers’ compensation or other settlement coming up, but I also have federal and state benefits. I have been told if I receive this money I can lose these benefits. What are my options?

If you have needs-based benefits, such as Medicaid, Supplemental Security Income (SSI), a Special Needs Trust (SNT) may be needed. This type of trust will protect your eligibility to receive any needs-based or means-tested benefits. Ametros is available to discuss SNTs and possible solutions for your settlement.

I have Medicaid and a settlement in a Special Needs Trust. There are certain things Medicaid will not cover such as specialty wheelchairs and transportation. How can I get help purchasing these items?

Contact Ametros for specialized assistance in using Special Needs Trust Funds to purchase necessary medical equipment and services that fall outside the scope of Medicaid and other government assistance. We have discount contracts for items ranging from home modification and specialized wheelchair access vehicles to everyday medical supplies.

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