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What happens if I don’t properly manage my Medicare Set Aside account?

Simple answer: If you do not properly manage your MSA account, you could severely jeopardize Medicare paying for your future medical care. Consequences include: denial of future bills from Medicare if your funds exhaust and being required to repay your MSA account for expenses that were paid for that are not covered by Medicare. Medicare reserves the right to have reporting for up to the entire settlement amount on medicare covered treatments before Medicare agrees to begin covering injury-related bills.

If the injured party doesn’t properly manage their MSA account, Medicare will deny paying for their injury-related treatment until the reporting is corrected. To do so, the injured party will have to pay back any amount that was used on an improper expense not relating to their injury back into the MSA account.

Mismanaging the MSA account will jeopardize the injured party’s future Medicare benefits; for this reason, it's important to be careful and seek assistance. Medicare "highly recommends" the use of a professional administrator.

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