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What happens after I settle my case with Ametros’ CareGuard service?

Our Care Advocate team will reach out to begin the onboarding process. We will setup your account, explain how it works, and gather your doctor and pharmacy information. We reach out to your doctors and pharmacies to make sure they know you will be using CareGuard from now on and that they can bill CareGuard directly. A welcome package including your CareGuard card will be sent to you in the mail. Once you receive the card, you can take it to your doctor or pharmacy and you will not have a copay; all the bills will be directed to CareGuard. CareGuard will review them for accuracy, apply discounts to reduce them, if applicable, and then pay from your account on your behalf. If you have a Medicare Set Aside, CareGuard will file all your reporting to Medicare for you to make sure you are in compliance and that your benefits are protected.

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