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Welcome to CareGuard

CareGuard simplifies your life after settlement, ensures your funds and future benefits are secure, and supports you every step of the way.

CareGuard is Ametros’ professional administration service. We establish a bank account under your name for your settlement funds and handle the payments for your injury-related treatments. In addition, we ensure your account complies with necessary government rules to safeguard your future benefits, such as Medicare.

Managing settlement funds can be challenging, and CareGuard takes away this unwanted stress. Our dedicated team of over 75 experts is by your side to help manage your funds for you.

We ensure proper payment of medical bills, apply any available discounts on your treatments, and complete any required reporting so you can focus on health.

1. How CareGuard Works

Step 1: Your account

We set up an FDIC and interest-bearing account with your future medical funds under your own name and social security number.

Step 2: Getting your doctors and pharmacies on board

Next, we will reach out to your doctors and pharmacy with the contact information you provided to us during your welcome call. We will make sure they know how to send all future bills regarding your injury to us and ensure your care is handled appropriately.

Healthcare providers can refer to our healthcare providers page for more information.

Step 3: Using your CareGuard card

  • You will receive your CareGuard card in the mail within 5-7 business days after you become a member.
  • Simply show your card whenever you go to your doctor or pharmacy for your injury related treatments, and we will handle the rest. No copays, no uncertainties, no hassle.
  • If you settled your case with a Medicare Set Aside (MSA), CareGuard should only be used for treatments that are both Medicare-covered and related to your injury. This ensures your account remains compliant with government guidelines, and your future Medicare benefits are protected.
  • When you show the card at your pharmacy or doctor, your provider will then send the claim to us for payment. Our team of experts will then review it, looking for ways to lower the cost and apply network savings.*

See: Your CareGuard Card

Step 4: Reviewing your account and savings online

Once you sign up for our online portal, you will be able to log in and view your statements, monitor your balance, and see your savings.

See: How to sign up and log in to the portal

Step 5: Getting support & resources

CareGuard's team of experts are here to help you with anything you need regarding your account or coordination of your care. If you ever have questions or need assistance, you can contact us at any time through phone, email, or online chat.

  • Member Onboarding Team
  • Member Care Team
  • Voice of the Customer Team
  • Rx Team
  • Durable Medical Equipment Team
  • Claims Team
  • Provider Relations Team
  • Benefits Support Team

2. Your CareGuard Card

  • You will receive your CareGuard card in the mail within 5-7 business days after becoming a member.
  • You also have immediate access to a digital version of your card on the CareGuard portal. Instructions to sign up and login to the portal.
  • Your card works like a traditional insurance card with no copays or extra charges, simply show it at your doctor and pharmacy visits that are related to your injury, and we will handle the rest!

Need a new card?

If you ever need a replacement card sent to you, contact our team at 877-905-7322 or to request a new card.

In the meantime, you can view a digital version of your card through the CareGuard online portal. Simply print a copy to take with you to the doctor or pharmacy.

3. Reimbursements

If you have an MSA and you have paid out-of-pocket for a treatment that's approved by Medicare and should have been covered by your CareGuard account, you can submit your receipts to us for reimbursement.

How to submit for reimbursement:

To submit a receipt please make sure you have an itemized invoice on the provider/service letterhead that includes their name, address, phone, and Tax ID number. It must include the date of service (DOS), item description (procedure code) and cost. It can be mailed to

Ametros Financial, PO Box 827,
Burlington, MA 01803,

emailed to,

or faxed to us at 877-443-9344.

You can also upload your receipt through the portal, This is our recommended method for the fastest payment.

Please be aware that we can only reimburse if:

  • We have the proper documentation.
  • The treatment or service is related to your injury.
  • The treatment or service is a Medicare-approved treatment (co-pays are not covered by Medicare).
  • The treatment or service is stated in your MSA.
  • CareGuard is unable to reimburse for copays or deductibles per CMS guidelines.

4. Account Depletion

What happens if your funds run out

Should your funds temporarily deplete or permanently exhaust, we will notify you and Medicare that the account has exhausted. Your providers should still bill CareGuard for your treatment. They will receive communication in the form of an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) with a denial instructing them to bill your secondary insurance if the fund has exhausted. At this point, you will need to provide your secondary insurance information to your provider if you have not already done so.

If you have an annuity, once your funds are replenished, your MSA account will then be used to reimburse your providers as the primary payor.

Lump sum vs. structured settlements

CareGuard works with both lump sum and structured settlements, but there are a few differences depending on what type of settlement you have.

Lump sum:

  • If your funds go below $1,000 we will let you know via letter in the mail.
  • If your funds exhaust completely, we will make both you and Medicare aware.

Structured settlement:

  • If your funds go below $1,000 we will let you know via letter in the mail.
  • If your funds exhaust completely, we will make both you and Medicare aware.
  • If your funds exhaust prior to your next annuity deposit – either Medicare or your secondary insurance will step in to cover you until the next payment comes in.
  • When we receive your next payment, we will notify you to start using your CareGuard card again for your treatments.

As a reminder, you must be currently enrolled as a Medicare beneficiary in order for Medicare to step in as primary payor.

5. Online Portal

Signing Up and Logging in to Your Portal

As you use your CareGuard card, our online member portal will help provide you with visibility into your account activity, trends, and savings. The portal also provides a convenient way to chat with our agents.

To sign up for the CareGuard online portal, follow these simple steps:

  1. Visit and select Register.
  2. The next screen will ask you to enter your email, member number, name, and password.
  3. Your member number is located on your card under your name.
  4. Once logged in, you will see your personal dashboard. Your dashboard will provide a summary of recent medical expenses and navigation to helpful tools.

Navigating the portal

  • Your home screen (personal dashboard) of the portal will provide a summary of recent medical expenses and navigation to helpful tools.
  • To see a complete list of your medical bill history, select Bills.
  • If you are waiting for your CareGuard card to come in the mail, but need a temporary card to use in the meantime, you may select CareGuard Card and print a copy.
  • To see a complete list of your medical expenses or print out a statement, select Financials and select the date range you wish to view. You may also choose to receive a monthly statement in the mail or go paperless (recommended).
  • If you wish to submit a receipt for reimbursement, select Reimbursements from the navigations. Then, select Upload a copy of your receipt. The system will prompt you to select a file to upload. Once uploaded, you will enter the amount and service date, and select Submit. Once we receive your request, we will promptly issue your reimbursement.
  • You may store important contact information such as your attorney or doctors in Contacts.

How to reset your password

If you forgot your password

  1. Click the Forgot Password? link on the portal login page.
  2. You will be asked to confirm your account's email address.
  3. An email will be sent to your account's email address with a secure link to reset your password.

If you would like to change your password from within the portal:

  1. Navigate to your profile page by clicking the link at the top of the page.
  2. Click the Change Password button at the bottom of your profile.
  3. You will be prompted to enter your old password for security.

6. Statements

Each month, we will send you either a mailed copy or email notification to view your statement in the portal, based on your preference. Each statement will show a summary of your account usage for the month.

How to go paperless

If you would like to go paperless and avoid fees related to administrative and postage costs, please follow the steps below.

  1. Login to your online account.
  2. Go to My Profile in the top right corner.
  3. Under your profile settings, click the Edit box in the top right corner.
  4. Select the checkbox that says, You’ve chosen online statements only.
  5. Click Save in the top right corner.

Don't want to go paperless?

You will automatically receive mailed statements if you do not choose to go paperless.

Please note, we are trying to reduce our carbon footprint and do charge a fee of $3 per paper statement if you’d like to continue receiving them in the mail.

7. Covered Treatments

If you have an MSA, your CareGuard card can only be used for treatments that are Medicare-approved and related to your injury. If you have questions about which of your treatments or prescriptions can be covered with your card, take a look at the list below of some common treatments that are NOT Covered by Medicare. If you have questions about your coverage, call us at (877) 905-7322 and one of our agents will be happy to review covered treatment options.

Common treatments NOT covered by Medicare:

  • Dental work
  • Medical Marijuana/CBD
  • Over the Counter Prescriptions, including ED meds and weight loss meds
  • Acupuncture
  • Glasses
  • Chair lifts
  • Chair lifts on Vehicles
  • Compression socks or gloves
  • Hot tubs
  • Massage Therapy
  • Transportation Expenses
  • Home Health or Skilled Nursing Services (With Exceptions, if curious contact us to learn more!)
  • Orthotic Shoes
  • Ketamine Injections
  • Botox Injections
  • Biofreeze
  • Gloves
  • Hot & cold packs
  • Shower chairs
  • Out of Country Expenses

Other common treatments that ARE covered:

  • Aqua Therapy – Aqua Therapy is a covered service when performed as part of a course of physical therapy by a licensed physical therapist.
  • Advanced Care Planning – An individual’s physician can help with planning for their care if they become unable to speak for themselves and decide who they would want to speak for them. Individuals can discuss this with their health care provider, and he/she can help them with the necessary forms.
  • Chiropractor Services – Chiropractic services for spinal manipulation (only for spinal areas in the back and neck) are covered. Other services, such as x-rays, labs, diagnostic studies and massage, are not covered when performed by a Chiropractor.
  • Second Surgical Opinions – Medicare covers second surgical opinions for non-emergency surgeries. Sometimes Medicare may cover a third surgical opinion if requested.
  • Transitional Care Management Services – if individuals are returning home from a hospital or skilled nursing facility, their physician can coordinate and manage their care for the first 30 days after their return home. Their provider can work with them, their family, caregivers, and other providers to help with their transition back to living at home. They can get assistance with referrals or arrangements for follow up care or community resources and get help with scheduling appointments and medication management.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the CareGuard card a debit card?

Your CareGuard card functions like a traditional insurance card and cannot be used like a debit card. Your card can only be used to notify doctors and pharmacies to send bills directly to us. You cannot withdraw money from your CareGuard account.

Who has access to my CareGuard account?

Unless you designate someone to have access to your account, only you and our CareGuard representatives have access.

What if I need a new doctor?

With CareGuard, there are no restrictions on which doctors you can see. If you need to switch doctors or pharmacies, simply give us a call prior to your visit. We will reach out to them to make sure CareGuard is set up in their system as the payor for your medical bills. This ensures a seamless experience when you go to your first appointment or pick up your first prescription.

Looking for something else?

Check out our detailed Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on Medicare Set Asides, Workers Compensation, settlements, and more!

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*Disclaimer: Any potential discounts or savings for medical treatment, including but not limited to, prescription drugs, durable medical equipment and/or healthcare items and services, are not guaranteed. Ametros has made no warranties, promises, representations or guarantees whatsoever about potential cost savings or the level of potential discounts obtained on any item, service or prescription payment. There are no assurances that prior successes or past results as to cost savings will be applicable to a Member on any of Ametros’ platforms. For additional information, please see our Terms & Conditions Page.