When is a 2nd Opinion Appropriate?

As the trend for virtual health gains momentum and impacts the way injured workers receive care, Ametros strives to provide injured individuals the best care possible after settlement amidst an evolving healthcare landscape. To be continually informed on virtual care practices that impact how injured individuals receive care, Ametros has established a Medical Advisory with BICMD.

BICMD consists of orthopedic experts dedicated to creating an integrated telemedicine platform that connects individuals to exceptional physicians providing top quality virtual healthcare after settlement. Hear a discussion on how this partnership will help advise settlement parties and injured individuals we support on their personal care path, services that can be offered virtually, and the value of having a second opinion on care after settlement.

Our speakers include:

  • Paul Sighinolfi –Senior Managing Director of Ametros
  • Porter Leslie – CEO of Ametros
  • Benedict Nwachukwu, MD MBA – Co-Founder and Co-CEO of BICMD & Medical Director for Ametros

Topics include:

  • The purpose of BICMD and Ametros’ partnership
  • The future care path of the injured worker
  • Services that can be offered virtually after settlement
  • Why it is important to have a second opinion on care after settlement, including Medical Improvement (MMI) and Independent Medical Examinations (IMEs)


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