Achieving Wellness After a Settlement

Because workers’ compensation is a medically-driven system, who better to offer counsel on settlements and Medicare Set Asides (MSAs) than a physician who is also an attorney? Hear from Dr. Kenji Saito, MD JD, President of the New England Society of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, Vice President of the National Society, and the newest member of the Ametros Medical Advisory Group in this upcoming webinar.

Dr. Saito is joined by Porter Leslie, CEO, and Paul Sighinolfi, Senior Managing Director of Ametros, for an engaging discussion on ongoing care of an individual’s injury through the course of a settlement as well as emerging trends within the Workers’ Compensation medical practitioner community.

This webinar answers:

• What factors affect the wellness of injured workers before and after settlement?
• What is trending with Workers’ Compensation medical practitioners?
• What does "evidence-based medicine" mean and how does it work in practicality?
• What is on the horizon for the Occupational Medicine community

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