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Ametros Launches “It’s Settled” Podcast

WILMINGTON, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Ametros has launched a podcast “It’s Settled: The Ametros Podcast” hosted by its General Counsel, Shawn Deane. The podcast features compelling interviews with people who have been injured at work or in an accident, their loved ones, and the insurance professionals who serve them.

In the first episode, “Life After Settlement: Jim & Monica Jones,” Deane interviews a construction worker whose life was upended by an injury on the job and his wife about the challenges they faced after settling his workers’ compensation claim.

“Jim and Monica help you understand what an injured person really goes through,” Deane said. “Lawyers, claims reps, and anyone else interested in patient advocacy need to hear this. They talk about working construction for over 30 years and going from an active lifestyle to living with chronic pain. And there is great insight on how to persevere through tough times and what kind of support from family, friends and companies really makes a difference.”

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 Dr. Claire C. Muselman

VP of the Workers Compensation Center of Excellence, North American Risk Services

"We need to empower employees at the desk level to think outside the box."


Dr. Claire Muselman tackles the topic of “Developing a Care Advocacy Model” in the second episode. She and Deane explore the elements of a successful care advocacy model. Dr. Muselman also shares communication strategies for expressing empathy with people whose lives have been disrupted by workplace injuries and ways to arm claims representatives with the tools and technology to help them.

“We need to empower employees at the desk level to think outside the box,” Dr. Muselman said. “This includes focusing on continuing improved patient outcomes after settlement as well.”

Ametros created the “It’s Settled” podcast series to encourage and educate injured individuals and those who serve them and will drop a new episode every month. “It’s Settled” is available at and all major streaming platforms, including Apple Podcasts and Spotify.

Ametros is the industry leader in post-settlement medical administration and a trusted partner for thousands of members receiving funds from workers’ compensation and liability settlements. Founded in 2010, Ametros provides post-settlement medical management services with significant medical and pharmacy discounts along with automated payment technology and Medicare reporting tools. Headquartered just north of Boston in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Ametros may be reached at 877.275.7415 or via


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