August 23, 2019 • Ametros UpdatesNews

Introducing Ametros’ CareGuard Mobile App—Helping Injured Parties Settle Well, Anywhere

careguard mobile app on phones
Changing the Industry with Innovation Technology. Data. Convenience. The insurance industry has typically been slower to adopt new technologies but as client expectations and demographics shift, innovation is key to offering convenient insurance products and services. Ametros is always striving to improve member experience through innovation, and we saw an opportunity to provide injured parties greater transparency and convenience when managing their medical settlement funds. We are excited to announce that we are the first professional administrator ever to release a mobile app for members that prioritizes user experience and makes managing medical settlement funds simple. Meet the Ametros CareGuard Mobile App. Once an injured party settles their case, they often realize how dependent they were on the support and resources that helped with their care including their attorney, claims adjuster, and nurse. Once the claim is settled, most support avenues disappear. Unfortunately, this is just the start of what could become a difficult adjustment for the injured individual. With CareGuard and the new easy-to-use mobile app, injured parties have greater visibility into their care, helping them to feel more comfortable settling their case being able to focus on returning to health. How does the Ametros CareGuard Mobile app make managing medical settlement funds simple for members?      The app enables members to:
  • Access a digital member card
  • See real-time account balance
  • View savings from Ametros’ network discounts
  • Track spending trends
  • View transaction history in detail
Providing best in class service to assist injured parties in navigating complicated healthcare after settlement is at the core of Ametros’ business model and operations. Through excellent service, continuous innovation and technological advancements, Ametros makes life after settlement easy as possible for our members. We want to make sure managing settlement funds is convenient and transparent, whether the injured party is at the pharmacy, doctor’s office, or at home. Now using the app, a digital version of the member’s card is always available along with real-time access to transaction statuses and details. When choosing a professional administrator to work with, it’s important to consider how that administrator is going beyond the core duty of administration to help its members. Are they innovating with technology to provide individuals with insight into how their money is being spent and what the savings trends are? Are they service-focused and putting a strong emphasis on personalized attention for the injured party to ensure all their questions and concerns are handled to get them back to health? Help injured parties feel comfortable settling their case and help them get access to the resources they need. CareGuard members can download the free Ametros CareGuard Member Mobile App from the App Store or Google Play for instant access and easy visibility into their account today. Learn more about the app. Want to learn more about how CareGuard can assist injured parties after settlement? Get more information about CareGuard.

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