September 11, 2019 • Ametros Updates

Jim Jones Finds a Life-Changing Solution with Ametros

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How Does Ametros Enable Greater Freedom to Get Desired Treatment at More Affordable Prices?



Injury in Indiana

Our latest member testimonial demonstrates how one injured worker’s life changed after becoming a member with Ametros. Before becoming a member, Jim Jones suffered from a life-altering back injury after becoming seriously injured from repetitive hard labor all over the state of Indiana. To make the roads safe after winter, Jim shoveled almost 50 tons of asphalt patch off a truck in twenty-one days, but consequently suffered from a 2-inch tear and two bulging disks in his back. His doctor advised that he would no longer be able to return to work.

Struggles After Settlement

Not only did his injury impact his ability to perform normal everyday tasks, but injury limitations and care management impacted the quality of life for his entire family. After working with his attorney and getting set up with a Medicare Set Aside (MSA) account that would take care of all his future needs, the challenges of managing care after settlement became daunting. At the time, Jim was using a professional administrator that was not Ametros. He and his wife noticed the price the administrator was charging for his medications was causing the funds to quickly deplete. They had to make sacrifices regarding his treatment, including suspending certain medications and physical therapy visits to ensure he wouldn’t run out of funding. They called their attorney to see if there was anyone who could help, and he pointed them to Ametros.

Ametros as a Solution

Ametros provided Jim a solution to save on his medical funds, through our professional administration service, CareGuard. By switching to Ametros and becoming a CareGuard member, Jim is now saving on his medical treatment, and is back on track with getting the care he needs. Watch the testimonial to see how Ametros helped Jim access affordable treatment and regain his quality of life.

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