August 14, 2019 • News

How Does Ametros Measure Success: Marques Torbert on WCI-TV

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For the second consecutive year, Ametros’ CEO, Marques Torbert, had the opportunity to be featured on WCI-TV Studio at the 74th Annual WCI Conference. Torbert shares how professional administration with Ametros helps create a positive experience post-settlement and makes sure the person that has been most tragically impacted in this process, the injured worker, gets continued support after settlement.

As part of the conference theme, measuring and tracking success, Torbert discusses some of the KPIs that Ametros uses to measure success, including:

  • Savings – how many dollars are we saving for the injured parties that have their medical care managed through Ametros?
  • First Call Resolution – how quickly can we help answer the problem that the injured party is facing when they first call in?
  • Customer Satisfaction – member surveys to collect feedback – Are we doing everything we can for those that have faced a life-changing traumatic injury?

Watch below to hear Marques explain further how Ametros ensures injured parties are taken care of and advocated for after settlement.

Marques Torbert at WCI

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