Ametros Updates

New Year, New Website Updates

Ametros, the leader in professional administration of workers’ comp and personal liability cases, announces the launch of an updated website!

Last year we launched a completely new website. Over time, we have welcomed feedback and analyzed certain areas of improvement for the new design to better suit our members and partners. See below for the four current updates and what it means for you!

New Homepage Design

You’ll see front and center an easy to fill out consultation form. By submitting this form, you’re able to schedule time with an Ametros expert to help you through the settlement and professional administration journey.

In our efforts to become more helpful for our members, partners, and client, we decided to create separate tabs for each party to direct them to the best service. If you keep scrolling, you’ll find a list of our three main products, and new videos that have replaced the original images!

New Navigation Bar

The new navigation bar/header cleaned things up a bit to easily find the products you’re looking for, pinpoint what services will best suit your needs, and direct you to refer a case or contact us with ease.

New Sales Map

We designed a sales map on our contact page with the intent to help clients find their local sales rep in the most efficient way possible: with an interactive sales map! Just click on the state and find the closest rep to you.

New Resource Center

Finally, we’ve redesigned and added tons of resources into the resource center. Everything is organized into different categories, so you can easily find what you’re looking for with one click or utilize the new search feature if you want to be more specific.

This year, we’re continuing to make big changes that you don't want to miss. Sign up for email notifications to stay up to date!


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