May 11, 2018 • Ametros Updates

Fresh New Look For Ametros’ Website!

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Ametros, the leader in professional administration of workers’ comp and personal liability cases, announces the launch of a redesigned website!

Previously, our products’ websites CareGuard and Amethyst, would direct to a new window, diverting the focus on our overall company offerings. This updated website gives the viewer more access to all pages on one website without having to leave the page you are on with a sleek new look. Check out even more brand new changes below!

Resource Center

By providing a simple name and email in our resource center, you can access all of our most popular resources and documents! Our resource center can help you find all of the information you will need for yourself or your client to help understand settlements, medicare set asides, and administration tools.

New navigation menu & pages 

The navigation menu changes will take users on a journey through the process of working with Ametros and all that we have to offer. Pages will be better organized, and you’ll be able to find what you’re looking for with ease. We've also added new informational pages to educate users on topics such as professional administration, benefits advisory, medical cost projections, and more!

New featured videos of our team members

Check out the faces behind the company that supports injured parties! With meaningful and personal videos to learn more about what each team member does, we wish to build stronger relationships with our viewers.

Updated FAQs

We have updated our list of frequently asked questions to better serve those in the industry and spread knowledge about topics from Medicare Set Asides, Workers’ Compensation, to our products, CareGuard, Amethyst, and CareQuote.

Videos for Our Partners

Check out our 1-minute clips from company President, Porter Leslie, speaking directly to both plaintiff and defense, about how we can help you and your cases. 

Vice President of Product, Gal Zhovnirovsky, is thrilled about the one-site structure. In a recent interview, he notes, “This consolidation makes it clear for our members who we are, what we offer, and which product best fits their needs. As more members join Ametros, this platform will enable us to provide more products, services, and resources in a streamlined way.”

Our main goal in implementing the one-site structure is to provide users with all of the knowledge they need to make informed decisions on their medical care. If Ametros can contribute to this wealth of knowledge for those in need, we’re proud to do so.

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