Settle More Future Medical Cases

At Ametros, we understand that every case is unique, and we work to provide you with individualized attention to help settle claims. We provide injured parties with resources and support after settlement, often making them feel more comfortable with accepting an offer. We understand that in order to settle the medical aspects of a claim there are many parties to coordinate, and our services help to resolve issues, save money, and eliminate liability for all parties involved. Find out more about how we can help you:
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Adjusters and Risk Managers

Ametros works with insurance adjusters and risk managers to help you settle open medical claims and overcome common barriers to settlement.

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Defense Attorneys

Work with Ametros to provide your clients with innovative settlement solutions and assist them with settling more cases.

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Structured Settlement Brokers

Find opportunities to settle and structure more cases by using Ametros' settlement solutions in combination with a structured settlement.

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Medicare Set Aside Vendors

Getting an MSA or cost projection is just the first step towards settlement. Provide your clients with solutions to ensure compliance with Medicare and to help support and protect injured parties.


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