CareQuote FAQs

  1. What services and/or items can you quote?

    Currently we can offer savings analyses on prescription medications, durable medical equipment (DME), facility care, and home health care.

  2. How long does a CareQuote take?

    Medication: Up to 48 hours B. Home Health Care: Up to 1 week C. Facility Care: Up to 2 weeks D. Durable Medical Equipment: Up to 2 weeks


  3. What do you need to put together a CareQuote?

    For home health care, we need the current level of treatment being provided as well as the current cost. For facility care, we need to know details of the injured party’s current facility, their level of care, and future preferences. For durable medical equipment, we need all procedure codes for each item. For medications, we need a list of current prescriptions with NDCs (National Drug Codes). This is the best way to show accurate pricing. It is also possible to provide an estimate based on an MSA, though that is likely to be less accurate.

  4. Why wouldn't an MSA be accurate?

    Medicare guidelines instruct MSA vendors to allocate prescriptions at the lowest cost listed in Red Book (a comprehensive drug pricing resource), regardless of what the injured party is taking. Medications can have a very wide range of costs and the same prices are not always available everywhere. Frequently, a medication listed at $0.03/pill is only available at $1.06/pill. Unfortunately, this can mean that the injured party will exhaust their MSA funds more quickly.

  5. When should I request a CareQuote?

    You should request a CareQuote as soon as possible in the settlement process, especially when you or your client are hesitant to settle your case due to costs.

  6. How do I request a CareQuote?

    Please email all requests to [email protected] with a copy of the MSA/LCP/payment history.

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