June 29, 2020 • Ametros Updates

Ametros Success Story | Annemarie Pantazis: “I Just Think It’s a Revolutionary Product”


Annemarie Pantazis

Annemarie Pantazis

Attorney at Wilder Pantazis Law Group

“I would not have settled that case without Ametros. I’ve been doing this for twenty years and we had a 2.5 million-dollar MSA that needed to be professionally administered. Ametros partnered with us and helped us track the settlement documents and the settlement language that allowed again this attendant care issue to be processed through the MSA, and had that not happened, had we not had access to the folks at Ametros ahead of time and the assurance that we could in fact process attendant care through the MSA, we would not have been able to settle that case.

I just think it’s a revolutionary product, quite honestly. Ametros has developed a product that I didn’t even really know I needed until I saw that I needed it. And I just remember the kind of battle days before Ametros came along and offered this even non-professional administration option, it was a nightmare. So, I would tell another attorney who’s considering using Ametros that there is really no downside.”

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