Ametros Partner Success Stories

Ametros works with everyone involved in the settlement process to make healthcare easy and affordable for all injured individuals with future medical needs. Watch the videos below to learn how Ametros’ solutions helped these high profile attorneys in different ways when it comes to settling cases.

Michael Quatrini – Quatrini Rafferty

“I try to give anything that requires expertise to the experts themselves.” Hear from Michael Quartrini from Quatrini Rafferty about his experience using our solutions with cases that include Medicare Set Asides, specifically a complex case that had a lot of future medical treatments and prescriptions.

AnneMarie Pantazis – Wilder Pantazis Law Firm

“I would not have settled that case without Ametros!” Hear from AnneMarie Pantazis, Managing Partner at Wilder Pantazis Law Firm, about how our solutions changed the way she settles cases, including a case where Ametros went above and beyond to help the injured individual feel comfortable with settling.

Kim Syfrett – Syfrett, Dykes & Furr

“I know that the clients I’ve cared about for years and years that are suddenly leaving my guidance and protection are going to be taken care of by a group of people who are in this for the right reason.” Hear from Kim Syfrett, lawyer at Syfrett, Dykes & Furr, about her growing relationships with the people of Ametros and how it’s helped her clients transition to life after settlement.

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