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CareGuard - Chat Virtually with a Doctor

Telemedicine services are now provided as part of every CareGuard membership! Members now have unlimited access to a doctor for consultations related to their injury. Physicians are now accepting all your emergency and non-emergency medical calls anytime from anywhere.

CareGuard card
Telehealth service

When Should You Call?

When you think you need to see a physician related to your injury, a physician is just a phone call away.

  • Immediate access to a doctor
  • No appointment needed
  • Electronic prescriptions
  • No fee for a consult and referral to another doctor

For a TRUE EMERGENCY, please dial 911

How Does it Work?

Telemedicine is designed to provide access to a physician 24/7:

  • Anytime you have an immediate need to be seen by a physician
  • Are unable to see your primary care physician
  • After hours or on weekends
  • Are traveling or on vacation and need a physician consultation

To Speak to a Doctor

  • Simply log into your CareGuard account at and click on the Talk to a Doctor button to see your CareGuard telehealth dashboard powered by Kura; from your dashboard you can virtually consult with a physician
  • Call 855.475.9330 to speak to a health coordinator or to make an appointment
  • If you are having trouble logging into the CareGuard portal, call 877.905.7322.

Telemedicine is NOT intended to replace your primary care physician or general health calls. Only consultations related to your initial injury are eligible.

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