October 15, 2018 • EducationNews

Webinar Outlines Strategies For Successful Workers’ Compensation Settlements

Coordinating parties to agree to settlement often requires a delicate balancing act. Payers don’t want to spend more than they believe is necessary while injured workers want to make sure they have enough money to pay their work-related medical bills for life. Getting both to agree on a Medicare Set-Aside allocation takes careful planning, understanding and coordinating. That can only be done by working with experienced, competent experts.

In an upcoming free webinar, Ametros’ CEO Marques Torbert and Tower MSA Partners’ Chief Compliance Officer, Dan Anders, will discuss this complex issue. Optimizing MSAs: Before & After Settlement is being presented by WorkCompCentral on Thursday, Oct. 18, at 2 p.m. EDT.

Ametros frequently partners with MSA companies that provide intervention-driven MSAs, like Tower does. Ametros, the professional administrator, functions as a neutral third party in negotiations before settlement. After settlement, Ametros works closely with the injured party to help reduce the costs of medical and pharmacy care, while helping the injured party navigate his or her healthcare needs. This ensures the allocation is protected and extended throughout the injured party's lifetime.

Attendees to the webinar will gain invaluable insight on how to:

  • Balance the interests of payers and injured parties when settling claims
  • Achieve an accurate drafting of the MSA that can provide its own cost savings
  • Save the injured party on healthcare expenses by working with a professional administrator
  • Understand the post-settlement life of an injured party

This discussion will help workers’ compensation stakeholders create a settlement process that can be a win-win situation for injured parties and payers alike.

To register, click here or call (866) 975-2667.

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