July 31, 2019 • Ametros Updates

Torbert to Address MSA Concerns During WCI Annual Conference

Orlando, FL — Heights, public speaking and drowning are among our most common fears. For workers’ compensation stakeholders, Medicare Set-asides can be added to the list.

With the possible exception of those who are experts and make a living developing them, MSAs scare the pants off most people in the workers’ compensation system. Employers/payers anticipate exorbitant costs, while injured parties fear using up the money too soon and/or failing to properly adhere to the complex MSA requirements. Unfortunately, this fear far too often prevents parties from settling claims, resulting in unnecessary expense for payers and an inability for injured parties to move on with their lives free from the workers’ compensation system.

Ametros’ CEO Marques Torbert joins a panel of experts for a discussion of the challenges and solutions to creating MSAs that are acceptable to all parties, paving the way for settlements. The session, Allaying the MSA Fear at Time of Settlement takes place during the 74th annual Workers’ Compensation Institute’s Workers’ Compensation Education Conference, August 11 – 14, at the Orlando World Center Marriott in Orlando, Fla. 

In addition to Torbert, the panel includes:

  • Kris Sallee, Claims Manager-Eastern Region, American Airlines
  • Daniel Anders, Chief Compliance Officer, Tower MSA Partners
  • Joe Bornstein, Structured Settlement Consultant, Arcadia Settlements Group
  • Michael Stack (Moderator), CEO, Amaxx/ReduceYourWorkersComp.com

The speakers will outline an intervention-driven approach to the development of the MSA allocation. Torbert will explain the benefits of supportive professional administration to ensure the injured party complies with MSA requirements. The panelists will also highlight the advantage of having a structured settlement to ensure the money is available throughout the injured party’s lifetime.

Real case studies will be featured to show how this strategy leads to effective claims closure and is a win for employers and injured parties. Attendees will have ample time for questions and interaction with the speakers.

For more information or to register for the conference, visit https://www.wci360.com/conference/.

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