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[Settle Smart Podcast] How to Settle Well with Professional Administration & Structured Settlements

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There are certain proactive measures settlement parties can take to help provide peace of mind to injured individuals after settlement. Attorneys can help educate their clients on the combination of structured settlements and professional administration to help extend the lifetime of settlement funds and protect future Medicare benefits after settlement. Structured settlement brokers can leverage professional administration to help bring comfort to injured individuals who feel their settlement may not be enough to cover all their medical expenses.

As said by Ametros’ Director of Strategic Partnerships, Johnny Meyer, in the National Structured Settlements Trade Associations’ most recent Settle Smart Podcast, ‘It should be best practice to include professional administration anytime there is a structure on a Medicare Set Aside.’ That way the injured individual can take advantage of the numerous benefits professional administration can bring to help avoid common issues like exhausting funds too early and not properly reporting to Medicare.




This featured podcast with Johnny Meyer at Ametros touches upon several important topics:

  • Why professional administration of structured settlements is crucial for managing medical expenses, Medicare Secondary Payer records and Medicare submissions
  • Some of the top reasons why an attorney should consider leveraging a professional administration service to ensure their client’s financial future and benefits are protected
  • Services included with professional administration that provide claimants with potential savings
  • How professional administration creates more opportunities for structured settlement brokers to help injured individuals settle with peace of mind

Check out the recording to hear some interesting points on the benefits of combining professional administration with a structured settlement for multiple parties in the settlement process.




Johnny Meyer



Johnny Meyer is responsible for cultivating and maintaining relationships among business partners. He is focused on developing strategies and business plans with partners, and executing against metrics and milestones to drive growth and revenue.

Johnny brings over a decade of experience working in business development, marketing, and customer service, and obtained his B.A in Sports Management, with a minor in Business Management from Salem State University.


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