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Ametros Sales Spotlight: Vanessa Chance

We caught up with Vanessa to hear about her experience and love for Ametros! Vanessa resides in Walnut Creek, California and has been with Ametros for a little over a year.

Vanessa is the West Coast Regional Sales Manager for Ametros. She has an extensive background in Medicare Compliance, Medicare Set-Asides, Managed Care and the Claims Settlement process. Vanessa was previously the Southern California Account Manager for ISO Claims Partners, and also worked with Specialty Risk Services.

What is the best thing about Ametros?

“The great products we offer and the wonderful people. I love the modern atmosphere of the company. It’s a fun place to work with great potential to continue successfully growing.”

What is the task you are most proud of accomplishing at Ametros?

“When I started working at Ametros, I was very afraid of public speaking. Since presenting is part of my job description, I was thrown into the public speaking world, whether I was ready or not. I am so much more confident and comfortable when it comes to speaking in front of large groups.”

Can you explain the typical day in your life?

"My days vary from hours and hours of sitting in traffic, driving from one client to the next or my day can consist of a full day in front of my tablet, setting appointments, corresponding with current and potential clients and endless calls and emails. A regular day can also mean sitting at a booth for 8 hours straight talking non-stop to my booth visitors or I can be enjoying delicious food and drinks while meeting new clients!"

What is your sales mantra?

“Kill ‘em with kindness and believe in what you sell.”

Why do you love Ametros?

“What I love about Ametros is how we better people’s lives. We offer a wonderful service that can truly impact an individual and their future. It’s easy to sell a product when you believe in it.”

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