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Ametros Success Story | Michael Quatrini: “They’re Going Above & Beyond”

Michael Quatrini


Michael Vincent Quatrini

Attorney at Quatrini Rafferty, P.C.



"I try to give anything that requires expertise to the experts themselves. When we're settling a case with a Medicare set aside associated with it, the rules, the regulations, and more importantly the penalties that come along with not complying with what Medicare wants are daunting.

When our client is Medicare-eligible and Medicare has already said you have to set this money aside, there is not a settlement that we are going to envision not getting Ametros to professionally administer, period. Already has their account set up, already is taking care of sometimes calling their pharmacies to make sure that they understand what Ametros is; they call their actual physicians to make sure they know what Ametros is. They're going above and beyond in terms of all of the things that I would ultimately probably get the phone call for, they're taking all of that off my shoulders.

The Ametros product allows that money to be stretched out longer than normal, paying the price for the bills, paying the right price for the different procedures. No one is going to be able to do that themselves and ultimately that's why for us it's the perfect product because that's your focus, that's what your good at.

Actually, recently we had a settlement where my client is Medicare-eligible. It was a little bit of a tougher case where there was an amputation involved; medications are big thing for that particular client. So, I was really kind of laser focused on wanting to make sure those medications were the correct medications, they were priced right and everything else. And getting Ametros involved early on in that process allowed me to have the peace of mind that my client would be protected down the road, and it also allows my client who's been on benefits and who is still worried about the future to know that somebody is still going to be sitting by their side. That's going to be Ametros in terms of being able to administer these funds going down the road, trying to stretch them out as long as possible."


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