October 31, 2016 • Ametros Updates

Ametros Announces Release of New Service, CareQuote


CareQuote Custom Services Available Now, with Advanced Features Launching in Early 2017!


WILMINGTON, Mass. -- Ametros Financial Corporation (“Ametros”), the leader in providing professional administration of Medicare Set-Asides (MSAs) and other non-MSA medical custodial accounts through its patented CareGuard product, has announced the release of a new service, CareQuote.

CareQuote provides customized post-settlement pricing for home healthcare, skilled facility, and durable medical equipment services to injured parties. The dedicated CareQuote team will quickly price these services, ensuring that parties at the settlement table have visibility into the discounted pricing of these services after settlement through Ametros’ medical networks. CareQuote’s services are available now by contacting the team at 877-905-7322 or carequote@ametros.com. Ametros will launch advanced tools and automated features of CareQuote in early 2016.

CareQuote is the first and only service of its kind that provides transparency into a range of medical services prior to settlement, and allows parties to a settlement to lock-in pricing on home health care and skilled facility services for multiple years after settlement.  The result not only provides transparency into the injured party’s future medical costs, but also allows all parties to the settlement to view the true cost of these treatments and services as they prepare to negotiate settlements. CareQuote can be utilized in all personal injury cases, including workers’ compensation and liability cases, to bridge the gap to settlement for both the defense and plaintiff, as well as be an effective tool for mediators.

“At Ametros, our goal is to maximize savings for our members and provide the best care possible,” says Ametros’ CEO Marques Torbert. “The opportunity  further this goal while introducing a more comprehensive solution in the medical management industry is exciting for us and our clients.”

About Ametros Financial

Ametros is changing the way individuals navigate healthcare by providing them with the tools and support necessary to make savvy decisions on how to spend their funds. Ametros' team works closely with patients, insurers, employers, attorneys, medical providers and Medicare to create a seamless experience for their clients. Their depth of expertise in the Medicare Set Aside, property and casualty insurance, healthcare, legal, financial and software industries positions them to offer the best solutions in the marketplace. Their flagship product, CareGuard, is revolutionizing the way funds from insurance claim settlements are administered after settlement, for Medicare Set Aside accounts and any other medical allocation. Ametros is backed by Clarion Capital Partners, LLC, a New York based private equity firm.

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