October 27, 2016 • Ametros Updates

Amethyst: The Settlement Saver

Jordan Pfeiffer wasn't sure what to do. He'd fallen from a roof while on the job 4 years ago and sustained a significant spinal injury. His life had changed dramatically and so had his finances. Today he was seated uncomfortably in a mediation room with his attorney and a couple of strangers from the insurance company trying to figure out what was the best option for him when it came to his pending insurance claim.

Jordan needed the money; the weekly checks he received were just enough to get by. He also wanted to visit his own doctors and to try some alternative therapies he'd been recommended but that the insurance company had denied.


Jordan and his attorney were very concerned about his ongoing medical needs.  The insurance company had put a number on the expected costs, but how could he trust it was enough and who would help him coordinate everything? He was worried about running out of money and needed to complete complicated reports to Medicare. Jordan didn’t want to settle without feeling comfortable that he would be taken care of in the long-run.

The settlement was at an impasse when the mediator recommended a healthcare savings card called Amethyst. He explained that Amethyst would allow Jordan to keep his settlement funds in his own bank account, while providing him with discounts on his medications and doctor bills. Upon reading further on Amethyst’s website, ametros.com/amethyst, Jordan discovered that the service also provides him with a support team to help him create his annual Medicare reports, and nifty graphing tools for him to track his spending and savings.

Jordan wanted to learn more, so he and his attorney reached out and spoke with Tina, one of Amethyst’s care advocates.  She confirmed that Amethyst would help Jordan save money, making his settlement last longer, and keep him organized for reporting to Medicare, while allowing him complete control of his settlement funds.  Jordan’s attorney sent Tina a list of the treatments and medications included in Jordan’s settlement offer.  Tina quickly showed Jordan the discounted pricing he would achieve through Amethyst.  He would save almost 50% on the medication pricing he had in his settlement offer (see chart below).   Relieved and excited at the savings, Jordan had Tina walk him through the 5-minute sign-up process and he was ready to go with his Amethyst card.

After setting up his Amethyst account, Jordan felt confident knowing he had the necessary support to get the medical treatments he needed and to maximize his settlement dollars. He and his attorney were able to reach an agreement with the insurance company to settle his entire claim. All of the parties involved were thrilled to reach an agreement.

Do you have a story like Jordan’s?  Share your experience in our comments section.  Or, if you know someone who could benefit from learning more about Amethyst, reach out to us anytime at:  877-275-7415 or am-info@amethystcard.com.

*This graph is representative of pricing at the time the case was settled, current pricing may differ.

About Amethyst

Amethyst’s health card links to a member’s existing bank account, and works like a traditional insurance card, allowing a member to access on average 21% savings on their prescriptions. The Amethyst portal provides insight into spending trends and savings amounts, and helps members prepare reports for their Medicare Set-Aside. To find out more about Amethyst or to sign up, visit ametros.com/amethyst or call 877-275-7415.

**To protect the privacy of our members, names and identifying details have been changed.

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