5 Important Tips for New CareGuard Members

Our quick video for new CareGuard members shares 5 quick tips on what to know and prepare for while your account setup is being finalized. Learn information about your future onboarding call and what to do if you need treatment before your CareGuard account setup is complete. Get our complimentary brochure for more information. We are looking forward to empowering and protecting your future medical care!

If you have any questions for our team, please call 978-216-4268, then press 1 or email referral@ametros.com

Video Topics

  • Understand when your account setup is complete
  • Learn about your upcoming onboarding call
  • How to handle treatment expenses before your account is finalized
  • Learn what to expect after your account setup is complete
  • Learn how to stay updated on your membership

Resources for New CareGuard Members

Important Information for New CareGuard Members Brochure
Welcome to CareGuard Video
Common Member FAQs: Non-Covered Medicare Items & Services