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How to Make Sure You Settle Well

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Leverage Ametros’ Post-Settlement Administration Tools

When settling future medical claims, injured parties can have quite a few questions:

  • How do I settle my medical claim?
  • How do I know my settlement is enough?
  • Is there anyone who can help me manage the funds and my treatment after I settle?
  • What is a Medicare Set Aside?
  • Can I spend my Medicare Set Aside money?
  • What are the Medicare Set Aside guidelines?

At Ametros, our focus is to always provide support for the injured party, answer these questions and help guide them through the entire settlement process. Ametros works with all parties in a medical settlement, including plaintiff attorneys, insurance adjusters, defense attorneys, and structured settlement brokers to ensure everyone is on the same page, and that the injured party is protected.

Ametros brings a unique and bipartisan perspective to settling future medical claims. For countless years, individuals who settled open medical claims were left with the burden and responsibility of managing their own medical settlement funds. Today, Ametros offers two affordable solutions to post settlement care, each including exclusive benefits to both pre-and post-settlement. 

The Settlement Process

Ametros is a neutral third party in the settlement process, and while we coordinate with many carriers and TPA's, our responsibility lies in helping our members manage their future medical care. Ametros' Settlement Advisors can walk attorneys, adjusters, brokers, and injured workers through the settlement process, providing each with the necessary resources to settle well. When a Medicare Set Aside (MSA) is active, there are typically many questions that need to be answered, and considerations to account for. With Ametros’ CareGuard and Amethyst services, we are able to provide a solution to major concerns when a medical settlement is brought forward.

MSA Custodial Accounts

Ametros’ professional administration service, CareGuard, is a way for individuals with an MSA or medical settlement to continue treatment, without having to worry about the billing process or whether they are receiving the best possible price for their care. Ametros establishes a custodial account in the member’s name. Ametros’ CareGuard service reprices every bill, and on average can save its members 30% of the total cost of medical care. By utilizing CareGuard, members are guaranteed their accounts are 100% compliant with Medicare’s guidelines. In short, this means members have peace of mind knowing their accounts are managed properly. If a desired treatment or medication does not adhere with Medicare’s guidelines, our team of care advocates work with their providers and Medicare to think of unique alternatives. Our team of Care Advocates help members understand their future medical funds, and are on call 24/7 to answer any questions our members may have.

MSA Self-Administration Support

Ametros’ self-administration tool, Amethyst, is a settlement solution where our members can hold their MSA money in their own bank account. The Amethyst Healthcard maximizes the injured party's medical funds by linking to his or her existing bank account, facilitating all care-related payments. Members never touch a medical bill and always remain in complete control of their medical funds. The Amethyst Healthcard secures discounted pricing for members on pharmaceuticals, medical equipment purchases, doctor and hospital bills, saving 21% on average. Amethyst allows members to sync his or her bank account to our management platform, and follow claims and transactions. Amethyst is designed to allow the injured party to retain full control of their funds, while ensuring a seamless process for both the member and service provider.

Ametros' focus is assisting individuals in the post and pre-settlement process in a number of ways:


  • Utilizing CareQuote, a tool/service that gives real pricing on Ametros’ platforms for future medications and medical equipment.
  • Having our team of Settlement Advisors assist in the settlement process, explaining how Ametros’ services work, and helping bridge the gap between the two parties.
  • Working through the fears of a medical settlement: How much will my medical care cost me? Can I still see my doctor? Will any of my care be challenged?


  • Guarantee compliance with professional administration, and support compliance with self-administration tools.
  • Understanding what happens if an MSA fund being managed by Ametros exhausts.
  • Coordination of benefits: Ametros can help injured parties understand what government benefits should pay for which treatment, and who should pay first.
  • Freedom for our members to treat the way they want and when they want. Ametros does not restrict care for our members, treatment is determined by the member and their provider.
  • A unique online portal where our members have 24/7 insight to their spending and savings trends as well as their account activity.
  • With Ametros’ CareGuard service, a telehealth system where our members can face time with doctors for a virtual appointment.

Get Ametros Involved

The question we receive most frequently is, “When should I involve Ametros?” It is important to understand there is no wrong time to engage us, as we can begin discussing a case at any point. Many times our team of Settlement Advisors will be brought in to help explain how CareGuard or Amethyst can help an injured party.

With CareQuote we can give up to date pricing on medications and durable medical equipment (DME) to help the injured party feel more comfortable with the settlement amount being offered.

Our focus is to make settlement as transparent and hassle free as possible, providing injured parties the opportunity to live a happier, healthier, more productive life.

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