August 12, 2020 • Ametros Updates

Ametros Success Story | Kim Syfrett: “This is the Company that has the Knowledge and the Resources”

Kim Syfrett



Kim Syfrett 

Attorney at Syfrett, Dykes & Furr



"If you are settling a workers' compensation case with a client especially that is either already on Medicare or is going to be on Medicare, and this client needs ongoing treatment for the work injury, you're doing a huge disservice not to involve Ametros specifically with your client.

This is the company that has the knowledge and the resources to be able to negotiate with the medical providers so that the funds that they are given as part of the work comp settlement last as long as possible.

I use Ametros because I've gotten to know Porter, I've gotten to know Marques, I've gotten to know our local rep, and as I meet these people, I understand why it is that they're doing what they're doing, and how they're growing this company. I know that the clients that I've cared about for years and years that are suddenly leaving my guidance and protection, are going to be taken care of by a group of people who are in this for the right reason.

One specific case that I've had involved a catastrophic injury of a young man and his wife, neither of which spoke English. Ametros was able to step in and as a part of the valuation of the case process and leading up to negotiation, was able to provide us with the complicated nature of what those different types of treatment and equipment that this guy was going to need was going to cost. It helped on the front end for us to be able to value that, and then as the client was involved in the negotiation process, the ability of Ametros to come in and speak to him in Spanish and explain the stuff firsthand without having to go through a translator really made him and his wife feel way more comfortable with how it was that they were going to be able to continue to meet his needs post settlement."

"And he's doing well?"

"He's doing very well, very well."


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