November 19, 2019 • Ametros UpdatesEducation

Ametros’ President, Porter Leslie, Shares His Personal Story During Work Comp Pulse Podcast

Porter Leslie

 “You made quite a jump from investment banking and private equity to the work comp world. Tell us a little about that,” says Steve Schmutz, Host of Work Comp Pulse. “Sure, it’s not a common path,” shares Ametros’ President, Porter Leslie.

In a recent interview with Work Comp Pulse, a podcast that focuses on getting to know different leaders in workers’ compensation, Porter shares his unique background and career path in the industry and answers common questions about how Ametros’ services work to financially benefit injured workers after settlement.  

In the interview, Porter discusses questions like:

  • How does Ametros make healthcare easier to obtain for injured workers and those paying their medical costs?
  • What role does Ametros have in administering Medicare Set Asides?
  • How does Ametros ensure Medicare Set Aside funds are being used properly?
  • What happens to an injured worker’s funds if there is a balance once the injury heals?

To learn more about Porter’s personal background and perspective on how Ametros makes a positive impact on an injured worker’s experience after settlement, check out the full podcast.




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