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Ametros CEO Marques Torbert to Describe Life after Settlement at IAIABC

Williamsburg, Va. (September 26, 2018) — Workers’ compensation professionals work so hard to settle claims that they sometimes fail to consider what an injured worker’s life is like after settlement.  Marques Torbert, CEO of Ametros, will explain post-settlement life with --and without-- a professional administrator to regulators and legislators attending IAIABC’s 104th Annual Convention, October 1-4.

Starting at 10 a.m. on October 4, the session examines the complexities and challenges injured workers face once claims close and highlights post-settlement patient advocacy services. Without professional administration, injured workers must negotiate medical payments without medical networks or drug discounts, attend to fee schedules, and handle complicated Medicare/CMS reporting on their own.

“There are stringent reporting rules and without guidance injured workers may easily misuse medical funds and jeopardize their future Medicare benefits,” said Torbert.  “There’s a reason that the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services recommend professional administration.”

Some professional administrators also provide medical networks and discounts to reduce treatment costs. Their advocacy includes someone to answer questions 24/7 and help injured workers navigate the healthcare system along with nurse case managers to support complex cases.

“Workers with serious injuries have come to rely on their attorney, regulators, judges, and claims adjusters –  the idea of losing this support can be a barrier to settlement,” Torbert noted.  “Knowing they’ll have advocates working on their behalf can make all the difference.”

The IAIABC 104th Annual Conference will be held October 1-4 in Williamsburg, Virginia.  More information can be found at


Ametros is the industry leader in post-settlement medical administration and a trusted partner for thousands of members receiving funds from workers’ compensation and liability settlements.  Founded in 2010, Ametros provides post-settlement medical management services with significant medical and pharmacy discounts along with automated payment technology and Medicare reporting tools. Headquartered just north of Boston in Wilmington, Massachusetts, Ametros may be reached at 877.275.7415 or via

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