August 22, 2016 • Uncategorized

Ametros Announces the Launch of New Websites and Introduces Two New Breakthrough Products!

Ametros announces the launch of new websites and introduces two new breakthrough products, Amethyst and CareAssist.

At Ametros, we recognize that each settlement is unique and that each injured individual approaches the challenge of managing their healthcare needs differently.  Our CareGuard service is the leading professional administration service for both medical allocations and Medicare Set Asides (MSA’s) after settlement, but it is just the beginning.  We are pushing the bounds of innovation by introducing two new products designed to help not just injured individuals, but any individual with managing their out-of-pocket healthcare costs.


We are confident that Amethyst will revolutionize how individuals save on their out-of-pocket healthcare expenses, while CareAssist will provide a solid foundation for tracking and reporting, particularly for self-administered MSA’s.  With these two additional offerings, we are confident we now offer holistic solutions for anyone considering settling their insurance claim, or those folks that are just faced with expenses that fall outside of their insurance coverage.

Visit our webpages to learn more.  We will follow up in the weeks ahead with more information on both Amethyst and CareAssist and perspectives on how they can be helpful for you and your clients.

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