CareGuard: The Key to Simple Healthcare After Settlement

Not sure how you’re going to manage your future medical care if you decide to settle your insurance claim? Managing medical bills can be a stressful and time-consuming process for those who manage them alone.

With Ametros CareGuard, you can relax knowing you will be preventing future financial hardship for you and your loved ones and avoiding common mistakes made when managing settlement medical funds. Our team of experts will manage your medical bills in compliance with Medicare federal guidelines, ensuring you're receiving the injury-related treatment you need after settlement. Discover the benefits of having your injury's medical funds professionally managed.

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What is Professional Administration?

Professional administration with CareGuard ensures that you can get the treatment you need in compliance with Medicare federal guidelines, while extending your future medical funds through potential savings up to 62% on provider bills and 28% on all other medical expenses.* See how professional administration manages complex medical administration responsibilities for you so you can focus on your health.

  1. Are there resources to help me manage the settlement funds?
  2. What happens if I don’t properly manage my Medicare Set Aside account?
  3. What happens after I settle my case with Ametros’ CareGuard service?

Is Professional Administration Right for Me?

The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) highly recommends professional administration, but if you choose to settle without support, you’ll need to know your responsibilities with managing your medical settlment. This includes setting up an interest-bearing account for an MSA, ensuring you are paying at any applicable state fee schedules, tracking account expenses and required annual attestation. You can learn more about these specific requirements by reviewing CMS’ 31-page Self-Administration Toolkit. Get a free consultation to hear how Ametros can simplify medical care management for you.

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Get Set Up for Success

If you have a Medicare Set Aside, settling without understanding your compliance obligations for your future medical care is common and can cause Medicare to deny paying bills for your injury in the future. Luckily, there’s a simple solution! Professional administrators are experts in setting up medical accounts specifically for these funds and ensuring all your treatments and prescriptions are in accordance with Medicare guidelines.

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How Can CareGuard Help You?

Stress-Free Billing for Your Injury

Don’t worry about managing your own medical billing. You’ll have a dedicated team to facilitate all care-related payments directly with your provider. Just show your CareGuard card at your doctor’s or pharmacy and your bills come directly to us.

Full Medicare Set Aside Reporting

Medicare Set Aside reporting is a lot like doing yearly taxes, but with CareGuard, our dedicated team takes care of required reporting for you. You’ll have peace of mind knowing your account is following Medicare’s requirements every year.

DME, Supplies, Home Health Services, & Prosthetic Support

Ametros' team of DME specialists provide one place to coordinate your Durable Medical Equipment (DME), prosthetic, home health services, and supply needs, relieving the hassle of coordinating ongoing supply needs through various vendors.

Individualized Support

Settle knowing a team of settlement and Medicare Set Aside experts has you covered. We’ll review your unique settlement documents to support you with medical treatment questions and any reporting responsibilities.

Save on Your Healthcare

CareGuard prevents you from overpaying on medical bills related to your injury, so your funds last as long as possible. We’ll review your medical bills and find potential savings up to 62% on provider bills and 28% on all other medical expenses through Ametros’ discount network.*

Live a Simpler Life After Settlement

Ametros provides you with savings and support after you settle your workers’ compensation or liability case. Every Ametros member has unique medical needs, and we take pride in ensuring you get the resources, support, and coverage you deserve for your care. When you’re a member, you’re a part of the Ametros family.

Ametros as a Solution

After becoming a CareGuard member, Jim Jones is now saving on his medical treatment, and is back on track with getting the care he needs. Watch the testimonial to see how Ametros helped Jim and his wife, Monica, access affordable treatment and regain his quality of life.

Simplifying Dave’s Medical Journey with Passionate Support

Ametros Member, Dave Repsher, suffered from a catastrophic helicopter collision that left him disfigured and with burns on 90% of his body. Dave and his wife, Amanda, share their incredible story of love, resilience, and how becoming an Ametros has supported them and simplified Dave's medical journey.

Ametros was founded in 2010 with the vision of making healthcare easy for injured individuals and anyone that is paying for their medical needs out-of-pocket. Our mission is to help those individuals save money on their ongoing medical expenses, and to help them save time from dealing with the hassle of the complex healthcare system.

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