June 6, 2018 • Education

The Perfect Pair: Professional Administration & Structured Settlements

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The combination of Professional Administration with a Structured Settlement (annuity) is often times the best way to protect an injured party’s settlement dollars in the event of an unexpectedly very costly year due to higher than anticipated medical needs after settlement.  The combination of these services in a costly scenario allows the injured party to access more coverage from Medicare and pay less dollars out of their own pocket.

“Professional Administration achieves two important goals,” explains Marques Torbert, CEO of Ametros. “It saves the injured party significant money on their medical expenses by providing them with access to discounted medical network prices, and it ensures that all their reporting to Medicare for a Medicare Set Aside account is done properly.” 

To see a real-life case study and the math behind why administration and structures are the best combination, click below to download the whitepaper. 

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