September 7, 2018 • Ametros Updates

Sales Spotlight: Mark Doherty

Mark Doherty

Mark is Ametros' Senior Vice President of Business Development, and has been with us for 11 months. While Mark works remotely, he frequently visits the home office, so we got a chance to catch up with him!

What’s your favorite part of your role?

“Bringing a needed solution to the industry, and more importantly, our customers. Both attorneys and their clients are appreciative of what Ametros is doing for them.”

If you weren’t a salesperson what would you be?

“I’d probably be somewhere back in my Finance roots.”

Do you have a mentor that made an impact on developing your career? Who & how did they help?

“Absolutely, his name is Greg Peter and he promoted me to my first managerial role. He helped change my perspective around selling and being a better manager to bring the entire team along for success.”

To pass the time on the plane when Mark travels to a conference…

“I mostly manage my emails and commitments. In my role, I believe it is important to be timely in responding and proactive in communicating, so any free time I have while traveling I’ll take advantage.”

What sort of advice would you give colleagues in your industry?

“Selling is having a passion in a product or service and conveying that passion to your customer so they commit to action. Be passionate about what you do, customers can sense that.”

Do you donate to any charities? If yes, which one(s) and why?

“My son has Type 1 Diabetes and I have been involved in JDRF for years with fundraisers. Also, I have supported Kids Chance in various states, especially being in the Work Comp Industry.”

What’s your favorite state that you’ve visited?

“My favorite state to visit is Pennsylvania because Pittsburgh and Philadelphia are such opposite cities with different cultures.”

What are you looking forward to this fall season?

“The start of hockey season, the NHL, College Hockey and Beer League hockey all get going.”

Fun Fact:

“I have three children, and 20 nieces and nephews. We are all pretty close. It is fun to see them growing up with such different abilities, passions and experiences.”

My motto is…

“Work hard and have fun. Whether it is work or sports or anything in life.”

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