October 25, 2018 • ComplianceEducation

Professional Administration: A Paralegal’s Best Friend

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Paralegals play a vital role in workers’ compensation and personal liability settlements. While they drive much of the success alongside the attorney on a case, they ultimately face many challenges along the way. Between meeting with injured parties, managing a never-ending stack of casework, acting as an advocate for their clients, and much more, paralegals are now looking for a way to streamline their work while delivering the most favorable outcome for those involved.

This is where professional administration comes in. With the use of professional administration, a full-service solution to manage medical funds after settlement, paralegals can now present a seamless solution to injured parties as a way to abate their concerns about settlement. Paralegals are able to leverage this service and become more successful in their efforts to assist the injured party and bring the case to a fair conclusion.

Facilitating Settlement

Professional administration should be every paralegal’s gateway, utilizing the service to facilitate the case from the moment an attorney receives their case all the way to settlement ensuring a fair offer for the injured party. During this process, there are several key stakeholders at the table- all with the same goal: settlement. Ametros works with each party in the settlement process to help everyone understand the benefits professional administration can provide. Once all parties agree to bring Ametros into the process, settlement can be seamless for everyone.

“I really like helping clients with their medical and billing, but it’s disappointing when I see facilities bill clients at the customary fee or balance bill them, and they wouldn’t know otherwise. Having Ametros there as a support system to make sure the client is paying the lowest price possible is very reassuring. They help clients understand that they aren’t overpaying.”

-Christine Hartman, Paralegal at Krasno, Krasno, & Onwudinjo

Provide Support Before and After Settlement

It’s typical for injured parties to continue contacting their attorney firm with many follow-up questions or looking for advice post-settlement. Our team knows that attorneys and paralegals, as much as they would like, simply cannot tend to every need of the party contacting them at all hours of the day. Ametros’ Settlement Coordinators are hands-on and reach out directly to the injured party to discuss the transition to life after settlement. With professional administration, we’ll help your clients stay fully Medicare compliant by taking care of reporting to CMS.

Attend Mediation or Settlement Negotiation

We have a team available nation-wide to attend mediation or settlement negotiations, giving the injured party comfort that we will be there for them throughout the entire process to create a seamless experience.

This is a real case from Ametros. *The name of the member was changed to protect his/her identity. Jack Riley* had an open claim since 1997. He had been trying to get back into a less strenuous job over the past twenty years but was recently determined to be fully disabled. His attorney, Doug, and his paralegal, Maria, have had many discussions with the insurance company regarding some prescriptions for a few years. Maria has taken on a lot of responsibility with this case because Jack and his wife have established a close relationship with her. 

Once the insurance company decided that they would want to settle the claim, we at Ametros became involved. A few representatives from Ametros attended two separate mediation, and at first Maria was very apprehensive regarding a settlement but was later reassured after meeting with the team from Ametros. Maria along with the Riley’s had a lot of questions regarding how his secondary insurance would be impacted by a settlement, and what the future looked like for his medical care. Today the case has settled, and Jack is an active member with our CareGuard service, and they are happy with their settlement. 

New Technologies- CareQuotes

One of the largest favors a paralegal can do for his or herself is to take advantage of the technology we have today. Ametros is proud to offer top-of-the-line technology from our online portal, to mobile health cards, and especially our new tool, CareQuote. CareQuotes can be requested to show the injured party a realistic value on their settlement and provide insight to how much money they can save on their future healthcare on Ametros’ platforms.

A CareQuote gives a detailed look at what the cost of prescriptions, durable medical equipment, and home/facility healthcare would be at the state fee schedule vs. our discounted prices on our platform. Paralegals find this unique tool beneficial because they can have the client see a pragmatic solution to saving money on future healthcare.

How to Involve Ametros

So, if you are a paralegal, or know a paralegal who may be ready to incorporate our service into the settlement process, contact us at any time during settlement to find out how we can make the process for everyone as seamless as possible. Ametros has experts that have been in the workers’ compensation industry for decades, and we’re focused on creating specific plans for future care for not only the injured party, but for the attorneys and paralegals as well. You can rest assured knowing your client is in good hands, and that we will continue to foster relationships well beyond the settlement.

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