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Leverage Post-Settlement Professional Administration for Truly Optimal Outcomes

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By Michael Stack, Principal of Amaxx Risk Solutions

Leverage Post-Settlement Professional Administration for Truly Optimal Outcomes

Every now and then an idea comes along that makes so much sense you wonder why it hasn’t been around all along. In the case of professional administration to handle post-settlement medical fund management, it actually has; but it’s now been perfected so it makes logical and financial sense for injured workers and payers alike.

For the injured worker it means they’ll continue to have someone to manage their medical care and assure appropriate compliance with Medicare. For payers, it means finally settling claims that have been on the books for months or even years. For both sides, it means significant dollars saved, it is truly a win-win for all parties involved.

What Is a Post-Settlement Professional Administrator?

Many injured workers get frustrated with the workers’ compensation system, but are nevertheless leery about settling their claims. They are concerned they might not have enough money to handle their future medical and indemnity needs; they may additionally fear they won’t be able to fully comply with Medicare reporting requirements, if a Medicare Set-aside is included. In many cases, as much as they dislike the workers’ compensation system, they are even more fearful of navigating their medical care on their own without someone with expertise to help. This is where professional administration comes in.

The level of care the injured worker is used to continues to be provided when a quality professional administrator is involved. In many cases, the care may even be better. The administrator coordinates medical treatment, but without the frustration of utilization review; i.e., providers, treatments and pharmaceuticals are not denied. Deep discounts on treatments and medications are available because of the administrator’s networks. With some companies, there is even a 24-hour support line available. The administrator helps ensure that the money lasts, and  the injured worker has an advocate for their medical care and finances.

A comparison between the typical services involved in a workers’ compensation claim and those available after settlement through a professional administrator shows they are nearly the same:

  • Provider bill review. The discounts provided through the professional administrator’s network can be the same or even better than those available in the workers’ compensation system.
  • Pharmacy benefit manager and durable medical equipment networks: Again, the savings on these can be substantial through the administrator’s network.
  • Phone support.
  • Provider recommendations.
  • Reporting – with a professional administrator all Medicare Set Aside reporting is 100% guaranteed. 
  • Bill administration.
  • Utilization review - with a professional administrator, there is none!

What makes the idea of a professional administrator even more appealing is that having greater discounts on medical treatments means there is more likelihood the case with settle and the administrator will earn the business. Therefore, it behooves the professional administrator to have a strong network and do the right things for the injured worker, to maintain the relationship and be able to offer further discounted services.

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