January 9, 2020 • Education

Ametros’ Top 5 Blog Posts from 2019

Medicare set asides 101: the top 10 mistakes to avoid

2019 was an impactful year for professional administration and the workers’ compensation industry.  Just this year some of the notable events we’ve seen include:

Throughout the year we’ve been busy updating our readers through our blog on the important industry changes and how it’s impacted professional administration.

As an informative and helpful way to reflect on 2019, we’ve put together our 5 most popular blogs and articles of the year among our readers.

1. 8 Questions from Attorneys About Medicare Set Aside Administration

Our all-time most read article with thousands of views and shared across dozens of audiences shares the most common questions industry experts receive from their clients regarding the professional administration process.

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Download the 8 Questions from Attorneys About Medicare Set Aside Administration Whitepaper here!

2. Medicare is Issuing Denials

Some attorneys, adjusters and injured individuals have questioned over the years - is CMS really denying bills after settlement? Yes, Medicare is issuing denials. Check out an authentic denial letter from CMS when a claim is denied after settlement.

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3. Q&A with Humana: Medicare Secondary Payer, Conditional Payments, and Medicare Set Asides

In an interview with Humana Consultant, Brian Bargender, we discuss common questions we receive and  the approaches Medicare Advantage Plans are taking to find out about liens and Medicare Set Asides. Check out our article to get the full interview details.

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4. First of its Kind Government Guide Created to Educate Tennessee Workers’ Compensation Community

For the first time, an original best practice guide called, ‘30 Minute Guide to Medical Treatment after Settlement,’ was created by the Tennessee Bureau of Workers’ Compensation. The guide has been released as a post-settlement resource for injured workers and educates readers on the benefits of professional administration vs. self-administration. Check out the blog to learn more about what’s in the guide and download your own copy.

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5. Medicare Set Asides 101: The Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

Learn about the most common mistakes made when spending Medicare Set Aside money and depleting funds prematurely, Medicare eligibility, and everything in between. Help injured individuals make informed decisions on how to best manage their settlement funds with our downloadable whitepaper.

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Download the Top 10 MSA Mistakes to Avoid Whitepaper here!

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