September 29, 2017 • Ametros Updates

Ametros Sales Spotlight: Michele Murray

We caught up with Michele to hear about her experience and love for Ametros! Michele resides in North Reading, Massachusetts and has been with Ametros for over 3 years.

Michele is the New England Regional Sales Manager for Ametros. She brings over a decade of software and consumer based solutions experience to Ametros. She has also held project manager roles in the Information Security Solutions space.

Michele currently lives north of Boston with her two rescue dogs. She is passionate about humane animal practices, cooking, spending time outdoors and traveling.

What is the best thing about Ametros?

"Our management and our culture. Everyone has a voice.  It is highly recommended if you see something that needs improvement or something lacking to say something! It will be heard and if the concern or process is valid the remedy will be implemented. Forward thinking always in all ways! I have never been treated like one of the “staff", our management team is by far the BEST!"

Can you explain the typical day in your life?

"A day will typically start by following up, thanking people for their time, setting appointments. Followed by in-service trainings, meetings with potential clients, meetings with potential members and nurturing existing relationships. Everyday I hear a new story, meet someone new or find another reason why our products can be the best value add to our clients."

Do you have a favorite story from working here?

"Many! One that really sticks out was when I went to a mediation about two years ago. The injured worker was very skeptical of our company but knew she could never manage her own future medical. I was able to connect with her by describing my own personal family crisis of chronic pain and additional issues that affected my family due to an injury. It was about human compassion not about who was doing who wrong. She settled and is one of our CareGuard members. I still keep in touch with her. This made me feel like I was truly making a difference in peoples lives."

How has Ametros changed or challenged you?

"Ametros has given me an additional view on working with people. People who are benefiting from the services we provide, not just a want but a true necessity for many."

Why Do you love ametros?

"Too many reasons to mention, but the most important are the Google-like culture, growth opportunities, flexibility and the people!"

Want to find out more about Ametros and how we can help you Settle Well?

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