November 13, 2018 • Education

Ametros in Action: Complex Benefits

stopping dominos from falling

At Ametros, we put a heavy focus on helping all parties at the settlement table feel more educated and subsequently comfortable about settlement. Each case is different, with multiple stakeholders and different circumstances. In this new series, Ametros in Action, we wanted to share some of the most unique, complex, or interesting cases we’ve seen, and Ametros’ role in helping all parties come to a resolution.

Last year, an adjuster contacted Ametros, as she wanted our team to explain the benefits of our services and professional administration to the injured party. In this case, the injured party suffered a traumatic brain injury in a severe car accident, was incapacitated, and had an appointed guardian ad litem.

Ametros Settlement Coordinators

Our Settlement Coordinators reached out to the injured party and his family to explain our services and how we could be of benefit. They explained the medical savings, support, and security that would be included for the duration of the settlement and beyond. As part of our services, an Ametros representative attended an informal settlement conference between the insurance carrier and the injured party.


During the settlement conference, the guardian ad litem and injured party’s family voiced concerns about home healthcare and the cost of these services. In order to bring comfort to their concerns, our CareQuote team reached out to several home healthcare agencies to inquire on pricing for home health aids in the injured party’s area.

The CareQuote team also provided pricing on the medications the injured party would be taking to show the savings on Ametros’ platform. The savings were almost $70,000 over his lifetime.

Ametros Benefits Advisory Team

During the settlement conference, the topic of Social Security was also brought up. Before settlement, the injured party’s family had received a bill for $20,000 from the Social Security Administration (SSA) and they were concerned about what would happen after settlement and how to manage the SSA bill on top of future medical and healthcare bills.

Our Settlement Coordinators engaged our Benefits Advisory team, who were able to connect with the injured party’s family. In just under one month of investigating, our team discovered that the bill was a Social Security Disability Insurance offset. Naturally, the family wanted to know what would happen post-settlement, if they were to receive another letter charging them.

Our Benefits Advisory team was able to answer the family’s questions and provide them with additional resources in their area.


Ametros understands that this time in a family’s life can be daunting and complicated. That’s why our team works tirelessly to provide comfort and education to the injured party, family, and all of those involved during settlement. Various teams at Ametros worked in conjunction to answer questions and provide a clear picture of what life would be like after settlement for this injured party and his family.

The combination of involving a guardian ad litem with complex benefits and SSDI offset, in conjunction with the severe injury and need for further resources, made this a unique case for Ametros. Multiple Ametros team members worked with the injured party’s family throughout every stage of the settlement process to ensure that he would be taken care of. Our involvement ultimately helped them feel more educated and confident about settlement.

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